In Gratitude ~ A Free Download Offer

STARTS TODAY! As a way to show my gratitude for the loving support I receive here and on Facebook, I’d like to say thank you by offering a free download of my book New From the Inside Out. Free download days begin Saturday 10/31/15 and end on 11/2/2015. Simply go to Amazon. This book is very special to me because at the time it was written I thought I was just recording divine inspiration. I had no idea that what I was learning would prepare me for what was to come. Today I can’t imagine life without that magical phase when I was taught how to shift a victim perspective to the love perspective. The majority of each day was spent with a heart full of joy and purpose. When things get uncomfortable for me now, I draw on those memories and it gives me hope.

This book is self-published and came out in late 2009, but I’ve been told just recently that it’s still relevant. While the giveaway is inspired by those who have donated to my fundraiser, the invitation is extended to all. Wishing you peace and love.


Here’s the link: New From The Inside Out~ Free Download 10/31~11/2/15

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