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You’re invited! I hope you will join me on my new website. Click my name to visit: Kimberly Ahri

About Kimberly, her mission and the blog:

Update October, 2017: The site name is KimVazquez, but my name has changed. Many years ago, I began this blog after my first book was published with the last name of Vazquez.I left the blog up because the message here honors my mission in life and that’s very important to me.

The blog was originally created to share the ongoing divine guidance I’m blessed to perceive. The fertile soil that has (and continues) to produce such insight is a life full of rich experience. Rich experience not to be mistaken for “easy.” There’s been a variety of unfortunate life stuff, but there’s also been great joy and personal triumph, all ingredients needed for spiritual evolution.

A little background: After my first book was published in 2009 I was heavily buzzed on the JOY of finding a new love: writing. Things had changed dramatically in my life and the adrenaline of that joy high led me to assume I was healthy. There was a sense of peace like I’d never had before. My emotional state felt good. Fear and anxiety felt like a thing of the past.

I now believe this phase was critical to my survival of what would follow. I needed to experience those feelings so I would know they are real. They do exist. A person can live like that. That whole period became locked into my psyche as a hope anchor.

Months after publishing, since I had went digging around in the past while writing, not only did I begin to experience off-the-hook levels of PTSD, overall health began to free fall. I became unable to maintain regular blogging activities let alone maintain regular life activities. Life shrank in ways that most people couldn’t possibly fathom. There are little glimpses into this part of the journey reflected in old posts.

Today’s exciting news:

As of November 1, 2017, a new book is being published under my actual name, KIMBERLY AHRI. It’s called THE MEANING OF FINDING COINS: MESSAGES AND SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS and it’s absolutely magical. But please, don’t take my word for it. Read it. 🙂

This book was seven long years in the making. With love, and a whole lot of tenacity, I wrote during the times my body and brain afforded me the opportunity. It’s truly been a labor of love, and while I wrote it holding the intention of offering “wonder” to the world, in the end it has been a lifeline for me. It’s given me a reason to want to live during the most challenging of times.

You see, years ago I was given “the knowing” that writing this book is part of my destiny.

The state of the blog now: Well, any writer will tell you that they abhor putting something out for the world to read that may contain any error, however minuscule. Since it wasn’t cost efficient for me to pay an editor to review my blog, I made the humbling decision to accept the likelihood of spelling errors and typos and post anyway. The content shared here is the answer to my calling and divine mission. I made the choice to not allow my vanity to impede my life’s work. (BTW~ My books are ALWAYS PROFESSIONALLY EDITED.)

I’ve recently made attempts to clean up the site a bit which has resulted in Feedburner sending out old, random post emails. If you’re on my list, please have patience with me while I sort this stuff out.

If you poke around here and get “not found” error messages, please forgive the frustration that may cause. I would need more energy to maintain the content in an orderly fashion. I do hope you’ll keep trying, though. There’s still some wonderful guidance available here.

If you’d like to catch up with me currently, you can find me on Facebook at Author Kimberly Ahri or my new website at www.kimberlyahri.com. Just click through the Facebook icon and “like” the page to get updates.

If you contact me and I don’t hear back, please understand that I would not intentionally ignore you, yet my energy is limited and I must focus on the sacred journey of healing. Much love to you.