About Kim/Blog

About Kim, her Divine Mission and the blog:

About Kim: I am a former mortgage business owner who has found my true calling in writing and helping others connect to their divine guidance. As an Angel Intuitive I’ve trained with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and have been certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®.

Although my primary home is in California, my second home is Newfoundland, Canada, where I have family spread throughout the province.

I have recently changed my name, January 11, 2016, to Kimberly Ahri. Once I get to feeling a bit better I’ll be happy to share all about that.


I’m dedicated to sharing my personal journey of awakening in the hopes of helping others to view their lives through the lens of higher purpose/higher perspective.

The fertile soil that has (and continues) to produce such insight is a life full of rich experience. Rich experience not to be mistaken for “easy.” There’s been a variety of unfortunate life stuff, but there’s also been great joy and personal triumph, all ingredients needed for my spiritual evolution.

These days my view of success is quite different than it was when I was in my late thirties. Today, success isn’t a fancy house, success is the feeling of fulfillment. Am I making a difference in this world? When I’m able to turn my life experience and the gift of divine insight into a story or message that helps another human along their journey, there’s nothing that fills my heart more.

Now that you are reading “about me,” please allow me to confess to some health issues that affect the blog. As a part of chronic health conditions, I experience cognitive issues that make it challenging for me to see errors in typing, spelling or the exchange of common words like “there” or “their.” Groan.

Any writer will tell you that they abhor putting something out for the world to read that may contain any error, however minuscule. Since it’s not cost efficient for me to pay an editor to review my blog, I’ve made the humbling decision to accept the likelihood of spelling errors and typos and continue posting anyway. The content I share here is the answer to my calling and divine mission. I choose not to allow my vanity to impede my life’s work.


Answering the Call of a Divine Mission: 

This website is my living prayer.

I intend to be as authentic as I know how to be (I’m constantly evolving and learning more about myself) which means I will show up here as a real human, both flawed and divine; your sister on a spiritual path. I do not claim to have all the answers.

Through my actions and intention I seek the Creator, the Source of all love and light. It is my intention to serve the One Loving Infinite Creator by serving his/her children, my brothers and sisters. I am love, as are you. I am peace, as are you.

About the Blog: The blog was created to share ongoing divine insight, guidance, hope and the healing journey. Every story, every subject, every twist and turn of our life path, is an opportunity to awaken, to become aware. The angels began their work with me by introducing me to the inner workings of my mind. From there they have expanded into understanding energy, Karma, deepening compassion, caring for the human body, eating well, better health practices, honoring God by honoring oneself, serving others in a health way, learning through illness…their lessons continue to evolve and bring me along. 

The process of transforming one’s mind and life is not complete with the reading (or writing) of a book. It’s a daily practice and a method of thinking that leads to an ever-expanding higher perspective. Life continues. New layers are revealed. New situations present themselves as the opportunities for continued growth.

I challenge myself to see myself truthfully. It’s not always easy or pretty, but the journey is so amazingly beautiful and magical. I hope you will stay tuned so we can walk the path together.

A little past history: I saw my first angel when I was only 5. Throughout my life I had many spiritual experiences that I tried to control by pushing them out of my mind. I “knew” things, like when my beloved grandfather who had passed away, was in the room with me. I sometimes woke in the middle of the night to find spirits by my bed. There was a lot of fear surrounding the acceptance of my gift. I was afraid if I embraced it, it would take over my life. Then, some years ago I came across a famous author who worked with the same gift and accessed the angel realm for her readings. Because angels have been prominent in my life, this was an amazing fit! I found that the author, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D offered a certification course to teach me how to safely work with my angels so I went to it and met the requirements to be certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®.

Since that time I have practiced Angel Readings, although I no longer offer them now. I have found other ways to be in service to others and I’m honored to be the messenger of such loving divine guidance. As Doreen Virtue put it- I am honored to work for God, Inc.