Angels of Safety and Protection

I started working with a new client, Terri, just a few weeks ago. Last week, as we ended our call I encouraged her to begin asking the angels to be a part of her life and to help her in life. I love this part of working with new folks.

I wait in delight to see how the love of their Angels will manifest in their lives.

For those of you who might be tuning in for the first time and feel your hackles going up, this is not about praying to angels. This is about accepting the help that God offers to us by way of his angels. If we want that help, we have to ask for it. We have to invite the angels in.

I confess that when I first did this in my own life, I was doubtful. The idea seemed a little hokey. Even though I was in a room by myself and without anyone else around, I felt a little silly. It seemed unlikely that I could just ask for help and receive it. I mean, I’d asked for help before.

This time, I didn’t ask to win the lottery.

I asked to feel safe and protected in this world.

When I went in way deep, I knew that I desired safety and protection more than any amount of money. Fear dominated my every move. I saw the world as a very unfriendly place. A place of battle. Talk about going big on your first request!

It took about two weeks for me to notice that I felt different.

I didn’t suddenly abandon caution, but something had changed. Working with angels is a partnership, and I have to still pay attention and use common sense. But the fear I had always felt was leaving my consciousness. What also left me were the paranoid thoughts that didn’t serve me. Those thoughts actually were part of the problem. They were mind clutter that made it hard for me to see the true guidance I received.

angels-of-protectionI am now a believer. I continue to ask daily for Angelic support and protection.

What a huge gift angelic love and protection have been in my life. I’ve received the kind of gift you wish you could hand out freely to others as they pass you on the street. But it doesn’t work like that. Angels respect and honor the gift of Free Will that God has given us.

If you want to feel angels in your life, you have to ask for the Creator’s loving angels to be with you. If you want to do this and are worried that you don’t know how to do it safely, ask for the Angels of Love and Light. You can’t go wrong with them.

Peace & Love~


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