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“Drown the reasoning mind with your affirmation”

Florence Scovel Shinn 

What’s the point of working with affirmations, clarifying your intention or keeping connected to an ongoing source of inspiration?

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 What’s the Point? 

Many of us grew up with negative conditioning. Our thoughts may be trained to automatically go to fear, complaints, self-pity, victimization, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if you habitually saw the bright side or could still find moments of joy while having a difficult day? You can.

When used regularly in daily life affirmations or uplifting quotes work to bring a shift in our thinking, or at least help us to maintain a positive awareness. When we are using them, we are choosing how to condition our own mind, rather than just running on auto-pilot. By using positive affirmations and feeding our minds inspiration we are, in essence, creating new options from which to create the viewpoint that governs our life.

We are saying to God and the Universe, This is what I want out of life. 

If at first you feel awkward, and feel like you’re making statements to yourself that you don’t actually believe (yet), I ask you  consider taking a leap of faith.  Why not introduce these thoughts into your mind and see what happens? You are what you say you are!

I am love.

How to use affirmations?

You can use them as “treatment” for negative thoughts. If you have an inner dialogue that says mean or degrading things to you, you could choose to counter those thoughts with positive ones like,

 “I’m talented and gifted,”  or

I put the outcome in the Creator’s hands knowing things will work out according to divine right.”

You can also use them by simply choosing one that clearly sets the intention for where you’d like to be in life right now and sprinkle it into the daily mix of your thoughts. I, being the queen of post-it notes, stick affirmations on things around my house. I always feel better when a note catches my eye. The words bring my attention right back to what’s good in life.

My favorite sticky note? Choose the path with heart.

Come on back whenever you need inspiration! If something strikes you and you feel like sharing it with your friends, please feel free to do so.