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What Would You Risk to Follow Gut Instinct

Here’s where you will find exciting information for spiritual education and mind expansion! The angels often introduce me to concepts then guide me to a resource (often a book) to elaborate. It’s here on this page that you will find all of the resources that I’ve been guided to by the angels.


Words are powerful.

The right words at the right time can change me instantly, as if they’re infused with magical power. Books also unlock information inside me, as if coded specifically for my mind. Additional insights often flood in as I read and I’m filled  with remarkable comprehension. It’s not as if I’m merely learning something new, it’s more like I remember it. I encourage you to notice how you feel when you read. When you are being shifted internally, it may be subtle, but it is certainly noticeable.

Some of the books listed have become my reference guides for living. It’s common in my daily life for the name of a book to pop into my mind when I need insight. When this happens I pull the book off of the shelf and open it. Right before me will be sections that I previously highlighted which are now currently relevant. I love this! This is another aspect of the ongoing divine communication. And it can work the same for you!

While reading any of the books suggested you may come across ideas that really stretch your beliefs. You may find that much of a book makes sense to you, but that you don’t like certain parts. Don’t worry! Your sacred journey is not an all or nothing process. Run the information through your own divine filter, take what enhances your life at this time and let go of the rest for now. Trust your higher self to recognize truth.

In making a selection for your personal journey, I suggest you allow your intuition to guide you to what’s best for you at this time. What calls to you? What really peaks your interest?

As mentioned at the very top of this page, these are available publicly as a result of something that occured in my life. The information will be generated as a post (so you may want to subscribe for updates) and then they will connected to the links below. Check back if you are interested as more and more will be added. Reference link: What Would You Risk to Follow Gut Instinct?

Akashic Records 

The Angel Page


Books for Healing

Extraterrestrials/Multidimensional Beings/Energy 


Healing With Crystals

Higher Self/ Soul/ Oversoul

Law Of One (this link is not unlocked yet)

Mind Expansion 

Mind Wellness

Past Lives/ Regressions/ Hypnotherapy