Is There a Spiritual Message in Finding Coins?

I was recently talking to a friend, Michelle, about a post that I’d made to the blog about how butterflies appear as angelic affirmations This prompted her to share a story with me. I just love a story about divine reassurance, angelic affirmations, and “God-winks.” To me, all these things fall into the same category: the Magic of Life. Michelle receives divine reassurance when she finds dimes. Here’s her story.

“I always find dimes in the strangest places,” she says. “They seem to show up in times of financial hardship, when I’m depressed over my lack of money. I have a ton of examples.

Here are two:

“A few months ago, I was at the grocery store and didn’t have a lot of cash. I stood at the check stand, digging around in the bottom of my purse for enough change to pay for my little bag of groceries and ended up spending all the money I had. As I walked out of the store, I was telling myself that had I spent my last dime on groceries. Literally. When I got to my car, I opened the passenger door to load the bags and saw something shiny in the bushes next to where I parked. I walked over to take a closer look. Resting on top of a leaf was one shiny dime.

“You couldn’t have balanced a dime on the leaf if you tried.

“I picked that dime up and thanked God for it. Each time I find a dime, I interpret its message as Do not worry about money or finances. I will take care of your needs.

The Angel Head Dime

“Then, one day when I was feeling depressed over finances and had no money to spend, I felt myself wishing I could buy something to cheer myself up. It was then that I remembered I had a Macy’s gift card. It had been in the glove compartment of my car for months. When I pulled the envelope out to look and see how much money I had left on the card, three dimes fell out of it and landed in my lap. How they got in the envelope, I have NO idea. What are the odds of three dimes getting into that envelope? I had to stop for a moment and chuckle. I sat in my car and thanked God for what I have in my life and for always providing.

“I told my sister about my dimes, and now she is finding them all the time, too. I think I  passed the lesson on to her.”

I love the beautiful message that Michelle derived from these special occurrences. If you’re a person that finds change all the time, the meaning of that change is specific to you. There’s no right or wrong interpretation. Its significance is available from your own intuition. For example, when my mom finds loose change, it reminds her of her father.

When I find change, the angels are speaking to me: Wake up!

I’ll leave you with this. It’s not an original thought of mine, just something I’ve heard passed along to me by many different people: Finding change is an excellent reminder to put your faith back in God. After all, most U.S. coins do bear the inscription, In God We Trust.

Peace & Love,


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If you have any stories about finding change that you’d like to share, hit the comment link below, I’d be happy to hear from you! Thank you to all of you who have already contributed.

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Is There a Spiritual Message in Finding Coins? — 158 Comments

  1. My fiance had just passed away on Nov. 23, 2010. Since that day i have been finding dimes. I hadn’t thought much of it until someone looked up the meaning of finding dimes. It read, “Dimes are a sign of love from someone who hass passed on and it’s their way of sending encouragement and peace”. I will always save my dimes in memory of him.

    • Hi Christine,

      My heart goes out to you. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I think that coins are an easy way for our passed on loved ones to communicate. I’m so glad that you have found the special meaning in your dimes. I have a feeling there are many more to dimes coming your way.

      Sending you a big hug.
      Peace & Love,

  2. In March 2009 we were told that our 16 year old daughter had a growth in her right temporal bone and it was pressing on the brain’s outer covering. The doctors did not know what it was; they were 99 percent sure it was not cancer. It was the size of a dime. We kept the news from our daughter so that she could finish out her junior year without any worries but her dad and I secretly walked around with a dark cloud hanging over us until the end of the school year when we would tell her. As in many times in our life, once again our faith was tested. At the end of the school year, we shared the news with our daughter, we cried, we prayed, and we met the neurosurgeon. The surgery was scheduled for July. Everything turned out better than anticipated including our daughter’s recovery. We were so thankful to our God. Shortly after that I started finding dimes and knew it had to mean something. I mentioned it to my husband and he said that he too had been finding dimes. To me it is a reminder that God is in our daily lives watching over us and that I must learn to trust in Him. After all, that is the wording on the dime, “In God We Trust.”

    • Wow Ann. Thank you for sharing with us. I’m so glad to hear that your daughter made a recovery. What a powerful story and what a testimony to the power of prayer and faith. Peace & Love, Kim

  3. A couple of years ago I was going through a really hard time and I started finding random coins around my home is very strange places and I knew I didn’t leave them there. I went to visit a friend of mine in Cincinnati where we went to see a reputable psychic. She asked me if I had been finding random coins lately and she said that they were from my grandmother. She passed away in 1995. I always felt she was with me. Lately, in the past year…there were several instances of paper bills…I found two five dollar bills within a week of each other. Both in different places of my home but folded the exact same way – and they weren’t the same bills as I had spent the first one thinking that that was random.

    I have been experiencing much financial burden over the past year and when I found the second one, I knew it meant something. I could never figure out what but after online research decided that it was a sign that I was moving in the right direction.

    I am a new realtor and building a business is tough, especially the first year. I am getting ready to move next week and things have slowed down a bit lately though I already have doubled my income from all of last year as of now.

    I found a fantastic condo to rent and am moving out of the place I am living in now that is just not that great. I am so ecstatic but as moving costs are piling up and I am running low on funds and very worried about being able to make it, it has been tough.

    As I was moving some boxes in yesterday, I looked down on the ground by a door I was anchoring to stay open so I could move a bunch of boxes at the same time, I saw a quarter. I knew that was something, but I let that thought go. Then today I came back to the old apartment, as I am still living here, and I was picking up some papers and shuffling them around and two $1 bills fell out of the stack. I did not put them there. They were folded in such a strange configuration, and both in the same way. When you open the first flap it opened to the word ONE on the dollar bill. I am baffled, though I know they mean something…any help?

    • Hi Lori,
      Thank you for sharing your stories with us! It seems that there is quite a spiritual significance for you with money, and that your guides, angels and departed love ones are able to communicate with you in love and hope. Very cool!
      Peace & Love, Kim

  4. Since my step-father passed in 1995, I have been finding coins in a myriad of unlikely places and circumstances. Once, I found an entire plastic storage bag full of pennies, nickles and dimes that someone apparently had left behind during a move. Attempts to find the owner were unsuccessful. More often, though, it is stray coins. At work a few months ago, I walked into the copy center which has a large rug in the entrance area. I stood there chatting with a colleague when something shiny on the carpet near my foot caught my eye. It was a $1 coin. My step-father was extremely frugal with money. Some described him as “tight.” Now it seems he is freely offering it as a sign for me. I smile and think of him each time I find a coin, and I keep them in a container. I have well over $5.

    • Hi Anita! I just love the stories that are coming through on this thread! Thank you for adding yours, it’s a great one and such a beautiful example of how our loved ones are still present and active in our lives from the other side.
      Peace & Love, Kim

  5. My girlfriend was having an extremely hard time with the death of her little girl. We share a common bond, and that is what developed our friendship. One day, while walking in the park, I picked up a penny and said, “My grandpa was superstitious about not picking up a penny, when you came upon one.” She asked me “Why, is that?” and I shared, “Well, he would say, if you pass up a penny on the ground, money will stoop coming your way.” I never pass up a penny. I put the penny in my pocket and forgot about it. Days later, we were out having lunch at the same park. She was crying over her little girl, (who was 2 yrs. old when she died suddenly.) And I asked if she believed in God? And she told me, “No, because no God would hurt a mother like this.” I have lost 3 of my own children, suddenly, also. So, I could sympathize with her, but never shared the belief about God with her. I tried comforting her. I told her how I know look for pennies, not for the reason my grandpa gave me, but as pennies from heaven. She said she didn’t believe in such non-sense. I went to my pocket to see if I could find a tissue for her, when I felt the penny from days before. I pulled it out, and looked at it. The penny was weathered worn, and rubbed. There was no Lincoln on it. But rather an image, an image of a small child. The image resembled her little girl, with her hair in a pony tail, as if someone had did a silhouette of Alazia. (Her daughter.) I showed the penny to my friend. She started to cry….and so did I. “In God We Trust”……was there bold and powerful and underneath a silhouette of Alazia. Trudean is a dovout Christian now, and she takes the penny with her everywhere she goes.

    • Hi Sherilyn, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of children. My heart goes out to those who have have experienced this. I believe stories like what you’ve shared really help others who are grieving similar losses, so I thank you for sharing.

      My grandfather also believed in picking up pennies. And for many years I just passed them by thinking nothing of it. It wasn’t until I actually began picking up every coin I saw that I began to notice the significance.
      Peace & Love to you~ Kim

  6. My third child was born on March 30th, 2010 with a condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia; the diaphragm fails to close allowing the abdominal contents to go up toward the lungs taking precious lung space. He passed away at 12 hours old. Ever since he passed I have noticed butterflies and coins. I didn’t think much about the coins, until recently, my cousin and I were talking about angelic affirmations with coins. In the past I had read a lot about coins and affirmations, but hadn’t thought much about it until our conversation. My heart is comforted each time I see these signs. I miss my baby dearly but know he is doing well.

  7. OMG….I came accross this on my friends FB page….My daughter passed away almost 2yrs ago…When her dad cleaned her room out he found over 30 dollars worth of change..Ever since then a dime will pop up in the most unusual places…I was taken a shower one day I looked down an there was a dime…I find dimes in my bed in my shoes…you name is I find them everywhere….I always pick them up an I line her Urn with each one of them…

  8. My youngest son Jordan would drop money on the floor for his young daughter to find. It was a game played between father and daughter. When he died in a car accident last summer I told his 3 year old daughter that when she finds money on the ground it will be money sent to her from her dad in heaven. It didn’t seem that she was finding much so I would help out by leaving her some and she would exclaim “Oh money from Daddy… He wants me to be rich!” One night she was sleeping over and I had vacummed before she came over. I went to bed late and was up before her in the morning. As I came out of her room I noticed a coin in the doorway. I did things around the house and when I went back to get her up I noticed more coins in the doorway and hallway. When she got up and started gathering coins we found there was a trail of coins from her bedroom to the diningroom right to where her overnight bag was. I know they weren’t there when I got up and there was no one else home to leave them out. I know they are from my son to his daughter to let her know he is thinking about her.

    • Shari, Monica and Molly,

      Thank you ladies for adding to this page. My posting was very fluffl compared to what many of you have shared. Your experiences are significant and meaningful. As I said to Sherilyn below, I believe that when we share stories like these someone will come along that needs their experience validated and your stories will help them also find meaning and comfort in their seeming “coincidences.” Sending peace and love to you all. Kim

  9. I am not a spiritual person, nor do I find myself looking for “the” answer. However, I have been finding dimes everywhere. One at a time. Never more than one. Not quarters, pennies, or nickels, only dimes. I didn’t give it any thought at first, but it hasn’t stopped. I must say it has my curiosity going. So much so I am here looking for some answer. BTW, I haven’t found anything that would indicate it means anything more than finding 10 cents, but I must say I am looking for “an” answer.

    • Hi MP,
      Thanks for sharing your post. It is a curious thing, isn’t it? I love these types of “coincidences” that make one wonder…hmmm… And even if you never find something spiritual in the experience, it will still be your own little mystery in life. For me, it’s those little mysteries that make life fun and amusing. I hope you keep on picking them up just for kicks.

      As I mentioned in a previous comment, I used to pass on change that was on the street. I never picked it up. Thought nothing of it. Then, there was a time in life when I was going through some tough stuff. During this phase I began to find pennies everywhere I went. I walk the same path around my neighborhood each day, sometimes more than once a day. I remember thinking- How could there be any more pennies left in here, I’ve walked this a million times and surely must have picked up every single one by now. Yet, they were being replenished every day. Then, one day I decided to leave my hood and walk a longer route. As I was walking I jokingly said to myself- Well, I guess there should be no pennies today. Right after I said this to myself I took about 5 more steps and there were three pennies on the sidewalk lined up perfectly in a row. I laughed out loud! It was awesome! There’s no explanation for why this happened other than what I felt that it meant. I am the one who assigned a meaning to the experience. If nothing else it certainly served as a distraction from my worries at the time.
      Peace & Love,

  10. This is fantastic! My partner discovered quarters in our bed, three so far. The sheets and covers had been off the bed previously while we looked for a remote. Later that night three quarters appeared under my partners’ legs at different intervals. We have noticed a woman in our apartment before, a ghostly appearance. I wonder if she is the one leaving the quarters or if its one of our grandmothers. Both grandmothers have since passed away, and this is the first Christmas for both of us without them. I read somewhere that finding quarters in a sign of good fortune. Anyone else have an idea?

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Thanks for joining us on the page. I love your story about the quarters turning up. What I love is when this type of stuff happens it’s so magical that we can’t find an explanation for it. That’s the best! Sounds like a lovely way for your grandmothers to be communicating with you. I also believe that finding change is a good sign. It works out that way because I BELIEVE it to be a good sign. 🙂

      Since your partner is having the actual interaction with the quarters, have your partner try to feel what the meaning is. When we FEEL we find we KNOW what the meaning is. For example, the first thought that comes might be..that’s my grandmother or it may be….things are going to improve financially. Trust the impression that you receive as all of our messages are very personal. All we have to do it tune into the feelings to find it.

      Peace & Love,

  11. I was really happy & excited to have found an answer in the signifigance of finding dimes when my bestfriends mother came to me with her story.She said that for the past 3 months or so,she has been finding dimes & only dimes in random places.She is going thru financial hardships as her husband has endured several spine surgeries that have left him with painful infections in his bone that have debilitated him both physically & mentally.She also lost a sister,a year ago,that she cared for who was terminally ill with cancer,as well as a twin brother who also died from cancer years prior who has been fighting for his estate since his estranged wife magically appeared after his death.I told her to give me a few seconds as I was googling “signifigance of dimes” & came across your web page.All in all it was a nice uplifting way for both of us to rest our heads @ end of the day….thank you 🙂

    • Hi Coral,
      Thank you for writing!
      I’m sorry to hear of all the challenges that your best friends mother is experiencing. When I’m going through a lot, I always feel better when I remember that there’s more going on in this world than what we can see with our eyes and that we have support from the other side. I’m glad you found the post reassuring.
      Peace & Love,

  12. Ever since I lost my sweetheart to a brain tumor in July 2010, I have been finding dimes all the time and in unique places, even when I am out the city where I live. The most significant thing about this (in Canadian currency) is that dimes have a picture of a sailboat on the back. My Johnny had a large and impressesive framed picture of a sailboat in his living room. The year I find on the dimes has also been significant coinciding with the year we met, the year we went on a beautiful holiday to Mayan Riviera, Mexico, the year he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the year he passed. They turn up when my heart is breaking the most over losing him, or at a time that I am going through periods of turmoil, usually over finances and job stability. It is amazing to know that there IS significance to this according to others and now I know for sure that it is John, through God, reaching out to me. This warms my heart and lets me know that he is still with me in a dimension that is real, but one that we cannot see.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your sweetie and I appreciate you adding your story here to the blog. The way it was shared, written, was beautiful and is another testimony to love that continues on. Thank you. Wishing you peace and love, Kim

  13. Wow it feels so nice that I’m not the only one out there that has been finding coins everywhere! Most of what I find are pennies this has been happening to me on and off for a few years now. I find them a lot in school and yesterday I walked into one of my classes and found 4 pennies right on my desk. I was amazed! I always think of God when i receive them so i guess they r from him. I really wish i knew what they meant though but i love it. I feel it’s like me and God’s special communication. I have found pennies when i needed advice. such as one time i was stressed over finances and i found a penny face up on the ground and i felt it was God saying he would handle everything. I asked a question to myself once and asked for God to give me a yes(heads) or tails(no). he showed me 2 pennies side by side. one heads and one tails. i was so mad. lol. 😀

    • Hi April!
      Yes LOL. That one brought a smile to my face. Sometimes I’ve found I have to figure out stuff for myself. And I don’t want to! Thanks for sharing here. I’ve truly enjoyed reading everyone’s stories! It’s always an affirmation to me that something very special is going on in our world, if only….we believe.

      Peace & Love,

  14. I have been finding 10 cent coins for over a year now. They appear in the strangest places and it is very random. I clean the bathroom and come back in to find a coin on the vanity bench.I walked into a room and found one on the floor in the door way, a friend who had just walked into the room swears it wasnt there. One was on the couch when I sat down and my sister who had been sitting there said it wasnt there when she sat down. We smiled. The best one was in my shoe – i had been wearing the shoes happily for two hours then i picked up friends. When I went to get out of the car – yip I couldnt walk on one foot – and inside the shoe was a 10 cent piece. I have tried hard to work out the message – i know they are signs from the universe – but what about I am not sure. They just appear – sometimes often, and sometimes after a while. i enjoy the mystery though and I believe the answer will come. i have enjoyed reading the other stories, thank you for that.

    • Hi Fran! Thanks for being here and adding your story.This has been one of my favorite threads. I’m with you. I enjoy the mystery of it all. It makes me smile and even sometimes laugh. And, it makes me sure that there’s something much bigger than me out there, smiling back and leaving coins.
      Peace & Love,

  15. Over the years, I have heard several people tell their stories of finding “pennies from heaven” but it has always been pennies. Back in October, my boss passed away unexpectedly. He was 88 yrs. old and I learned so much from him. He was very wealthy and he taught me allot about business, money, investments etc. He was like a Grandpa to me. Since he has passed, I started finding quarters everywhere. All over my house, my car, my work, public places. So much so that I thought I was dropping the ones that I found. My sister asked me what year was on them and I told her that I wasn’t paying attention. So I started looking at the year now when I find them and they are all the same…1967. This year has no significant meaning to me, and I am pretty sure it didn’t mean anything to my boss. (I know more about his family & his own history then I do my own family). It wasn’t a birth year or year of a family or friends death. I just can’t figure it out. I wasn’t even born until 1972. Recently, on my 40th birthday my friends took me out to a club to celebrate. As we were standing in line to get in, I looked down on the floor, in front of the people in line ahead of us, there was a quarter. I jokingly said to my best friend, hey- pick up that quarter and tell me if it says 1967. IT DID!!! My friends looked very puzzled and asked…how did you know that? When I told them, we laughed. It made us all so happy. I really don’t know what the significance of the year is, but I am always thinking of it. Either way, it brightens my day to know that someone up above is sending me a message. I am happy that I did search this online and found all of these comments of it happening to other people as well! 🙂

    • Hi Cathy!

      It sounds to me that the finding of quarters is very significant! Thank you for sharing this delightful story with us. Although it’s always hard to lose someone that we care about so much, I feel the same way you do- this type of contact find so much comfort in hearing about their means of contact. In your case, it sounds like he wants there to be no question in your mind that something BIG is going on here!

      If you ever do find the meaning to 1967- I hope you’ll come back and share it with us!

      Peace & Love,

  16. I have been finding dimes for years – i always assumed they were encouragement from my dad who passed – it always brings joy and comfort! A very violent act to my nephew last week – ever since instead of dimes – quarters. It must take a lot of energy to move a heavy quarter in the afterlife – so I say thank you Dad for holding my hand – for the extra love. I believe.

    • Hi Barbie! I’m sorry to hear about the harm to your nephew and I’m glad to hear that you believe and are finding comfort in the change you are finding. What you said made me think of the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Schwayze. You know the part where Patrick’s character had to try hard to learn how to make things move in our realm? While there is a ton of nonsense movies that attempt to mislead our spirit, there’s also a lot of truth hiding right before our eyes. Wishing you peace and love~ Kim

  17. I’ve been finding pennies everywhere at school or when i go for a walk, my friend told me that “angles are looking out for you”, how do i know what their trying to tell me? I haven’t lost anyone. Please and thank for replying.

    • Hello! You don’t have to have a loved one on the other side to have angels looking out for you. You were given the gift of angels on your way into this life. As for what they are trying to tell you, that is for you to tune into and learn. It’s a divine conversation that is personal to you and will reveal it meaning in synchronicities. It may be about how you are feeling each time you come across a penny. Pay attention to what you were thinking about prior to find one. That’s how you will find the clues to the message that is uniquely yours. Peace & Love, Kim

  18. I decided This week I went grocery shopping for a few things and when I went to pat for my things my debit card was declined. U used my banks app on my phone to find out what my balance was and it said -$323. I was saddened, confused, and embarassed to see that I couldnt afford my half of the groceries, for me and my boyfriend always split the bill.

    I’m in nursing assistant school right now and we are doing our clinicals at a nursing home. Ten min before we were done we were called to a clients room to assist him with something. Wedged between his door and the ha llway crown molding was a folded up five dollar bill. After assisting him I left it there because I figured it was in a nursing home and it could be anybody’s money wedged in the crown molding on the wall. Right when I was saying goodbye to everyone and walking to our confrence room to get my stuff, one of the nurses asked me out of the two other people I was with to go back to that same guys room and help him with one more thing. When i went back the five dollar bill was just lying there. So that time I knew it was for me.

    Yesterday at work I bought in some of my personal laundry to wash. The first load I put in was my bath towels. After the wash cycle i opened the door and found four quarters. I thought that was weird because towels don’t have pockets or anything that could hold money. I told god thank you and kept on with my normal day. But it was weird cuz I kept finding quarters that day. I was sitting down. watching tv late last night with my money in. my left pocket and on my right side a quarter. came from under the couch and landed right by my foot. I pulled my change from my other pocket to see of everything was accounted for and it was. This was a brand new quarter, that literally came from nowhere. As of today I have $3.50 in quarters.

    Maybe this is a sign from God telling me that I won’t have to worry about finances right now, and not to be ashamed when I don’t have any money. He is the answer to everything.

    • Hi Brittany, Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are not alone in your concern about finances. When I feel financial fear, what helps me the most is hope. I believe my Creator is unlimited and that things can change quickly. I see a lot of hope offered in all the change you are finding. There’s certainly something going on. I like what you said:

      “Maybe this is a sign from God telling me that I won’t have to worry about finances right now, and not to be ashamed when I don’t have any money.”

      A lot of us can learn from that statement. 🙂
      Peace & Love,

  19. Hi This is so weried .. I was a foster parent and adopted two little girls.. This week was a tuff one with the five year old.. I woke up this morning and a quarter fell out of my hair.. then I get in the shower and and dime falls on the floor.. then i get out to dry myself off and a nickle falls on the floor almost like it was on my body.. so i decided to look it up on the internet.. I love what you said about in god we trust.. thank you,,

    • Hi Theresa! Thanks for being here. I’m sorry you had a tough week, but I love your “weird” story! It’s a great one. While you are taking care of your new little ones, there is something much bigger taking care of you. 🙂

      Peace & Love,

  20. thanks a lots
    people for sharing your stories.. i was scared before reading this chain but now i am feeling lucky that finding coins is a God’s gift.. 🙂

  21. Hi on Saturday 16.6.12 I took my dog to the vets and he was so ill he was laid to rest, the heartbreak and grief is absolutely unbearable until yesterday when I walked from the kitchen to the living room and found a English penny, it wasn’t there earlier when I wiped the table so knew automatically from the warmth felt in my heart this was a sign from buster, today Wednesday 20.6.12 I woke up and next to where buster use to sleep was another penny, I personally feel he is giving me strength at the times I need it most.he was born a dog but died a gentleman r.i.p buster brown x

    • Hi Jacqui~ Thank you for adding a story about a beloved pet. Yes, RIP Buster, I hope you are enjoying yourself at the Rainbow Bridge.

      Hi Geeta~ Thanks for being here!
      Peace & Love,

  22. Thanks everyone!! I started finding dimes about a year ago!! I was dating someone with cancer. We are no longer together but when we were we both were finding them everywhere!! I find dimes all the time! Today I found a dime a couple of. Quarters!! I asked God to show me a sign that he was hearing my prayers and he sure showed me today!! They always seem to show up when I am worried!! And I get comfort when I find coins!!! EILEEN Love and PEACE

  23. Ok, I am not superstitious. I am spiritual and believe in Karma. That being said, I always find pennies and so does my hubby. We had joked over the past two days about him finding pennies and that we would need a lot more to help pay for the house we are building. We had a good laugh and then today I got out of the car and found a dime. I then joked that I had beat his pennies because I found a dime. An hour or two later, I again got out of the car and found another dime. I looked at my husband and commented that was very strange and wondered aloud what it meant. Then I said joking out loud – “O.K., universe, if you are trying to tell me something, show me another dime!” We laughed until the next time we stopped and got back into the car, my husband found a dime by the car!!!! OK NOW I AM LISTENING – but what am I listening to? What is this all about? I have no known relatives that are gone that ever gave a damn about me other than maybe by father in law that collected dimes – he passed a few years ago but we were not that close. It is all a bit eerie to say the least!

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for adding your story. As I mentioned in earlier posts, the meanings are quite personal. It could be as simple as the father in law that collected dimes saying hello so that you are conscious of “the other side.” You seem to find them around your car so I wonder if it’s related to the car- like are you thinking about getting a new car or do you have a question about the car. Or have you been real serious lately with the building of the house and this is just a little fun from the other side helping to bring the wonder back into your life?

      In my life when I’ve had very consistent finding of coins in the manner you’ve described, I know that there’s something that I need to know. Assistance is being offered. At that point I will often meditate and ask what it’s regarding. I will also begin to pay hyper-attention to interactions throughout my day watching for a theme to reveal itself. If I find a theme I will then meditate on that theme. We typically do know what our gut is telling us, we just need to get quiet enough to acknowledge it.

      If you hold the intention to understand the meaning, you will. But remember, answers to these questions to the universe don’t usually show up flashing in your face. The answer will likely wash through you like…hmmm….I think the coins are about….
      Peace & Love,

  24. Thanks Kim! Sure enough, it dawned on me! The first two dimes were found as we were on our way to a doctor for a second opinion and assistance in making a very serious surgical decision. The third one we found (after I asked for the third dime) was after my doctor appointment and we were considering our surgical options. I believe the dimes were a sign to go ahead with the second opinion and move forward with the procedure. Thanks for your insight.

    • Wow Kim! Excellent! I imagine that you feel a lot better knowing you had some additional support. I wish you all the best with your procedure. If you’d like to, you can bring your angels with you to the surgery, you just need to ask them to come. They can be with you and comfort you. Angels are honored to help.
      Peace & Love,

  25. Hi Kim, thank you for your post. In recent months I left my position as a News Reporter for a radio station in Woodstock, Ontario. One late night I was working on a story from county council at the keyboard in front of the computer. All of a sudden a dime appeared out of thin air! It came from above me and dropped onto my keyboard. At first I found it kind of creepy, but moved on with my work. Later, about 2-3 months down the road I was getting dressed in the spare room, so I would not disturb my wife while she was sleeping. As I reached for my suit that was hanging in the middle of the room on a light stand – a dime came at me out of thin air and hit my suit and dropped to the floor. Since these two occassions I have found dimes in the most obscure places, sometimes on the ground, on the car seat or just about anywhere. I often think it is someone trying to reach me from the other side. But who? and why? When I think in my head about the story I had to cover as a reporter of a little girl who was brutally assaulted and murdered in Woodstock in April 2008, sometimes I think it is she that is telling me she is ok and in a good place now. I never knew Tori or met her, but knew both sides of her family quite well after reporting countless stories about her disappearance for more than 3 years. The 2 people were caught and sentenced to life with no parole for 25 years. I just wanted to share this story with you and your readers. Thank you.

    • Hi Blair,
      Thank you for telling your story here. As the stories get added I’m hoping that those who read them see a pattern…there’s something more..there are miracles around us, both large and small.

      I can imagine that the story of little Tori would be hard to find peace with. I like your take on the reason for the dimes, that she is in a good place now. I’m sure I’ve said it in other responses, but I think we do “know” at gut level what our message is. There is no one better to interpret the meaning behind the strange occurrences than you. I’m also glad to hear that you moved past the creep factor and into the comfort. Trust that you are experiencing something worthy of marvel.

      I’d like to take the opportunity to address the part of your story about the way Tori passed over. My heart is very sensitive and I have a hard time with this level of crime or darkness within others. The way I comfort myself is to believe in the power of shock. Think about it, shock is a weird thing. It’s a human response to being incredibly overwhelmed. I believe that not only is shock a benefit to us when we are getting ready to pass over so we are not scared, but I also believe in mercy. Our souls sometimes leave our bodies early so that we don’t have to experience the trauma that is happening to the human shell.

      I felt compelled to share those thoughts. I hope they help someone.
      Peace & Love to you Blair,

  26. I love reading these stories. I started finding dimes after my father died in 2001. It was quite often that I would find them, so I started keeping them in a canister to prove to myself how often. I just counted there were 51 from the time I started saving them! I shared this with my son, sister, niece & nephew. They also started to find them, but not as often as me. As others stated I would seem to find them when I was worried, and it would be a reassurance that I was doing ok, that we were headed in the right direction since losing my pops! As our grief subsided I found them less and less.

    Then 5 years later my niece passed away (2006)unexpectedly. Sure enough, the dimes came more frequently. Again, after finding many, I started saving them again in a jewelry box my niece gave me. I just counted these… 54.

    Finding them had tapered off but I still find them on occasion and now keep the new ones in a new bank I was given. It had been some time, months since I found any. I prayed, talked to God, asked him why I hadn’t found any, but I somewhat knew, we’ve been happy, we’ve dealt with our loss and accept that our loved ones are happy too! Then on that walk while I was praying there in the middle of the sidewalk was a shiny dime, a week later leaning on the lint tray when I opened the dryer, then another one the next day… I told my family I found some again. Then a few days later getting in the car from dinner there was one right next to the car!!!

    I also thank God for the reassurance, for being with me, for loving me!!!

    • Hi Dawn! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I like the idea of keeping the found change in a separate container. I imagine that when you counted the change you had saved that it was very validating! I loved the part where you say that while you were praying and asking God why you hadn’t found any coins lately that you found one right then! To me, those moments are so magical- such direct communication!

      I had a similar experience one day when my mom and I were headed into a restaurant. As I parked the car I said to her- “I wonder why I haven’t found any change in a little while?” We took only a few steps away from the car, toward the entrance door, and I looked down to see one of everything- a penny, a dime, a quarter, a nickel. We both started laughing and I picked it up. A man was standing close by and said to me that the girl that passed by me when I got out of my car had actually thrown that change there. I had to wonder…Did she throw that change down at the very same time that I told my mom I hadn’t found change? It’s likely. She must have done it while I was getting out of the car. It felt like a very direct answer to my question. 🙂

      Anyhow….thank you for adding your lovely stories! I appreciate them.
      Peace & love,

  27. Hi! I just wanted to tell u my little story that I actually call ~ Pennies from Heaven! I was walking back to my house one day when I found my 1st penny. I looked at the year (as I often do) and it was 1997. Okay, no significance to me, but then I mentioned (in my mind) that it would have been better if it was one from 1998 since that was the year I lost my 1st son! Next thing you know, I find my 2nd penny!! To my surprise, the year WAS 1998!! I was totally amazed! I kept on my journey heading home when I thought to myself how cool it would be to find my daughter’s year that she was born. At least one of them since I have two! lol Instantly thinking this, I found another penny!! I was excited and nervous at the same time wondering what year this one would be… was a penny that marked the 100th year and ended with 2002 (which is the year my youngest was born)!! At this point, I could not believe what was happening!!! I felt like I was dreaming!! 🙂 So, now I’m almost home and I haven’t found any more pennies in which I really wanted to find the last penny with my oldest daughter’s year on it. So now I’m right directly in front of my house and I’m a bit disappointed since my last penny wasn’t found. I think to myself if I should walk a bit more in hopes of finding another penny (and just hope it would have her year on it?) or do I just call it a day? I decide to just give up and head up my driveway thinking you can’t have everything when in that very moment, I felt compelled to look to my left and of course, you can guess what I was seeing that exact moment ~ a very shiny penny!!! I just kept staring at it saying “NO WAY” silently! Finally, I pick it up to see what year it says on it, and I could NOT belive what I was seeing!!! I was kind of freaking out now that it WAS the year 2000~year of my oldest child!! I was freaked out a bit but in a good way!! My kid’s Dad had passed away when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I think this was Cory’s way of letting me know he & my son Jamie are thinking of us three here on earth while they are watching us from up above! God Bless U All! Hope u liked my story! 🙂

    • Hi Christina! I did like your story! Thanks for adding it to the page. I love being “freaked out a bit in a good way.” Peace & Love to you, Kim

  28. I keep on finding money, no coins but banking notes. The last year I have been struggling a lot financially and I have found a 20€ note twice within the same month. The first time on my way to do yoga and the second time at work. My colleague told me to give the money to someone who is really in need and it will come back to me. I decided to give the 40€ to my cleaning lady who was just diagnosed with cancer. I felt sorry for her also because I couldn’t effort her on a weekly basis anymore, so I gave it to her.
    This month I was job hunting in another city and I have found a one dollar note, which I gave to a homeless. Last week, back at work, I’ve found again 20€. The day before finding it, I saw a homeless and i missed the opportunity to give money to him, which I don’t do usually but this time I felt sorry that I didn’t make it in time to pass him some coins.
    However, I still don’t know what this all means. Right now I am still collecting the data when and what happened. Of course i hope that these are signs for new job opportunities that won’t make me struggle again and not as much ad I did this year.

    • Hi Astrid,

      No one on the page has yet shared about finding actual bills. I love it! This is a sidenote, but if I may offer a little input about the comment “I decided to give the 40€ to my cleaning lady who was just diagnosed with cancer. I felt sorry for her also because I couldn’t effort her on a weekly basis anymore, so I gave it to her.” It’s so normal for us to feel sorry for another when we hear of their challenges in life. Feeling sorry, however, is an energy that is heavy- so then we feel heavy toward them. Whenever I hear of something like this I feel compassion but I also try to picture the person as whole and healed rather than feel sorry, because it’s my intention to uplift them rather. Hope that makes sense!

      I think it’s lovely that you listened to your colleague who suggested that you give your findings away. It’s not easy to do that when you likely need the money yourself! However, it is a demonstration of faith and that’s powerful. To give money to another is to say to the Creator or Universe- I trust that there is an abundant supply for me!

      Those who are afraid to give money away are unknowingly believing in scarcity. Holding fear to give it away is the action that speaks energetically saying: I don’t trust that money will come to me so I better hold on to every last penny. That becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

      Kudos to you for acting in faith! Blessings always come from that.
      Peace & Love,

  29. I’ve been finding dimes lately and tonight my mom came for a visit. I told her today that I’m always feeling my grandfathers presence. I told her about finding dimes around the house. She laughed. Tonight when I was going to bed I found 2 dimes in my bedroom on the floor. One thing I didn’t mention, she decided to spend the night and this particular grandfather is her father. I’ve felt his appearance for years with me, I call him my guardian angel. I was a little scared tonight when I found these dimes considering I just told her about it today and we were away all day from the house. She told me not to be scared he would/will never hurt me. This prompted me to look online to see if I can find what it means. I now believe I do have someone look out for me.

    • Hi Paula, I believe you have many loving energies on your spiritual “team” looking after you. It is lovely to feel and know a grandfather is with you!

      I share that feeling with you as my grandather has been with me in spirit since my mid twenties. In the beginning I was a little unerved by things that happened as well, but over time grew to find great comfort in it. I, too, came to think of him as a type of guardian angel. I wrote about some of my experiences with him in my book Living in the Rear View Mirror. One of them is a real mind blower! In a good way, of course.

      Thank you for adding your story here.
      Peace & Love,

  30. I find money, especially coins, quite frequently. I take the message in different ways at different times, though I feel it’s always a positive thing. There have been times as mentioned where I took it as a “Hey, everything’s going to be all right” message. Other times I would seem to notice them after a significant train of thought. I have found money just before needing it for something as well. I actually have a special container I sometimes keep what I find in that I call my “Pennies from Heaven” jar. It’s just a nice reminder that good things do happen. 🙂

  31. I keep finding dimes as well and couldnt’ figure out why and now i know from reading your page. :o) i brought comfort to me. One story i have is really crazy I had taken my husband to work and we were pretty low on funds i barely had gas to get to school that day. so i get ready to leave for school and there was a dime on the step to my truck of course i picked it up and placed it along with all the dimes ive found. i got to school attended my classes and was ready to leave to head home as i approached my truck i saw something shiny on the step and lo and behold it was another dime. it surely puzzled me because i know i had picked up a dime and placed it in my truck and the ride to school is very bumpy so i couldnt figure out how another one appeared but reading all i’ve read i am at ease knowing that someone is looking out for me. btw my husband received a 100 dollar bonus from his boss. i love my dimes and the messages they are bringing

    • Hi Cynthia! I don’t know how to make a heart shape in WordPress, but if I did there would be one here in my answer. Your story made my heart smile. Thanks! Peace & Love~ Kim

  32. I really enjoyed the stories that were shared. I had the wonderful experience of finding pennies. I was layed off from my job in Sept. of 2010. Eeveryday while cleaning my house, I would find a penny on the floor. The first few days I thought nothing of it, then it became very obvious: it was no longer a coincidence., it had to be a sign from God. After finally noticing the sign, one day I went to the store and as I payed for my items with my debit card and confirmed that my total was correct, the cashier handed me a shiny, new penny. Baffled at what she just handed me, I asked her what was the penny for and she responded with a bewildered expression and said I don’t know…the register says I owe you a penny. As I left the register and looked at my penny and read “In God We Trust” I began to smile, cause I knew it was God letting me know no matter where I was He is always by my side and everything was going to be alright. It is now two years later and I have been able to not only pay off my house, I have also been able to help my aging parents. Thank you sweet Jesus.

    • Frieda~ Woo hoo! That’s a very short time in which things have turned completely around. I’m so happy for you! I loved your story. I love those moments that we have with our Creator that may seem weird to others, but something comes over us and we just know that we’ve received divine communication/support. The register owing me a penny would have just made me smile and feel the love love love down in my heart.
      Peace & Love~ Kim

  33. Last week I woke up and went into the hall to go the kitchen. As I took a step something caught ny eye and on the floor in the middle of the hall were coins. 3 quarters, 3 dimes, and 3 pennies. All heads up. The quarteres were wet in a row vertically, the dimes and pennies were set in a triangle around the top and bottom quarter. I was crazy freekin out. Even more so when I figured that it was January 8th 1-8 and the amount of money was $1.08. I felt much better when I started reading posts like these. Its a good thing, a message. I would like to know if there is something more specific due to the arangement of the coins?

    • Hi Frank~ Thanks for your story. It’s one of those ones that even as a believer, it’s almost too hard to believe! But, don’t take that to mean I’m saying you made up a story. The hard to believe stories are my favorites. I’m saying that when we have experiences that there is no explanation for, surreal in nature, the gift is that we have a chance to really wonder….to stretch past our minds current limitations and ask ourself- could there be a lot more to this whole world, our Creator, the Universe than we realize in our “normal” daily life?

      When you ask if there’s something specific about the arrangement, my guess is that having an order to the coins is “the invitation.” If it can’t be brushed off with a simple explanation than you are invited to consider and wonder about everything. I would interpret it as an invitation to return to a state of wonder~ to be a kid again, believe in special experiences, magical messages and gifts from your Creator and passed on loved ones. Maybe you’ve been very focused or serious or caught in the drudgery of daily life lately. Of course, if it were my message I’d also be researching the symbolism of the number 108 and the shape of the symbol made with the coins. BTW, the number 108 is associated with your beliefs and mindset around abundance.It affirms your belief to trust your Creator to bring you abundance and suggests that you can be a positive influence on others to believe the same thing. So, taking your amount a step further, if you’ve momentarily been off track with your thoughts it could be a gentle reminder to return your thoughts to believing in abundance.

      Peace & Love~ Kim

  34. I have googles what finding money means and have come accross this web site. In the past month I keep finding 5c pieces. I have found 5 in total, old ones and new. For example, on my drive way, in the garden, on the garage bench, between my sons sheets. I find it strange because they are all 5c ? Any thoughts.
    Thanks Suzie

    • Hi Suzie~ If I were you I’d consider what the significance of 5 is in my life- think of the month, the day, a date from the past that was 5. You might also try looking up the spiritual number for the meaning of 5 to see if this is a personal message to you about your life right now. It may be spot on, telling you that someone from the other side is letting you know “I’m here and I see what’s going on,” or the number may be a “where you are headed thing.” Either way, the significance in the 5 is something your intuition will let you know about. Something will ring true. Good luck!
      Peace & Love,

  35. I recently lost my husband and shortly before he passed, I noticed butterflies that would come within inches of him and me whenever we were standing outside our home. After he passed, I noticed more butterflies in our yard and often. Now, I am finding quarters; I found one a couple days ago in the street and today I found three more in one spot while out walking with friends. I remembered reading about someone who found coins that they thought a loved one was leaving for them to find. That is what prompted me to find this site. I don’t know if there is a spiritual message here or not, but I believe in angels and I believe in God, so maybe these are significant signs of someone or something watching over me.

    • Hi DB~ It can do no harm, only good, to think of these things as signs that someone is watching over you, right? It’s a good, comforting feeling. And I believe so I get to have that feeling a lot! I smiled when I read the beginning of your message. I think you may like this post as well as it has to do with butterflies: Butterfly Post

      Peace & Love,

  36. I am blown away by the stories I read about dimes. I too have been finding dimes for months & months. I would find them in many places. I recently had to rip apart a vacuum bag to look for some chains that my husband had lost. Becaue of money issues I had thought we would take some jewlery and sell it. My husband thought he may have vacuumed up the chains hence rooting thru the bag. The only significant thing I found was not 1 but 2 dimes. I knew they had to be a sign but of what I was unsure. Thanks to the many posts I know understand. Yes I believe that they are a sign to trust in God’s love and not to worry so much over financial problems and to leave it to God to solve. I never thought to pray over the financial problem but I am going to do so now.

    • Hi Donna Lyn, Loved your story~ it seems that you found the post at the right time. Perhaps when everything turns out just fine financially and you reflect back on how the signs were there that you were being taken care of- you’ll send us an update. 🙂
      Peace & Love,

  37. I thought I was going a little crazy until I google searched “I keep finding pennies everywhere”. A few days ago, while all my children were at school and my husband was at work, I found (1) solo penny lying directly in the path I had walked probably ten times that morning. I have a habit of walking with my head down scanning the floor as we have two small yorkies and a cat who feels we humans should move out of his way. There is no way I wouldn’t have seen this penny the first ten times I walked over it. I didn’t give it too much thought, nor did I mention it to my husband or children when they got home. That night when I was getting ready for bed, I walked back into my room (that I had left to wash my face) and on the floor, directly in my path was another penny! At this point I told my husband about the penny from earlier in the day. He looked at me like I was nuts. Well tonight, (I still think he thinks I’m nuts)we were out shopping and ended up talking to an elderly lady. When I looked down at the ground, right by my right foot was a shinny penny! The elderly lady told me to pick it up for good luck. I think I scared the lady behind the register because I screeched, and pointed to the ground…I couldn’t say anything else for a second, finally getting out that “There’s another penny!” This meant nothing to the lady behind the counter, maybe nothing to the elderly lady either…but I believe there is a message in these pennies showing up the way they have been. I really wish I understood what they meant…

    • Hi Yvonne~
      I don’t think your nuts! You’ve found a page of people that can relate! To me, your story is fun, fun, fun!! I get all excited, butterflies, when multiple findings happen to me in such a blatant manner. I hope you are enjoying the mystical experience, the wonder of it all. The meaning~ sometimes there is no big message, it’s just the offer of wonder. Sometimes, the message will suddenly arrive in your consciousness. Either way~ It’s all perfectly divine.
      Peace & love,

  38. I was sitting on my bed working out my finances and paperwork and feeling a little depressed over the debt i have when i heard a flicking of a coin which landed right at my foot, it came from nowhere – how strange. What could it mean?

  39. Hello! I would class myself as being a spiritual
    person. l beileve in the after life. I have been
    told this by physic. I find pennys regularly in the strangest of places also this happens when i am tight on cash

  40. The past 3 days I have been finding 2 quarters, one face up and the other face down. This has happen to me 3 times. The first was on my side of the bed on the floor. The next day a basket fell down and then I saw 2 quarters on my shoes, one on each shoe, one face up and the other face down. Then later that night I found 2 quarters on the floor again on my side of the bed. This only happens in my bedroom. I do find others coins all around my house. I do not know what it means. Can someone please tell me what this means. This is making my wife scared at night and she makes me sleep with the lights on in the bedroom.

    • Dear Rich~ I’m sorry to hear that your wife is feeling fearful. Please take a moment to read through some of the stories on this page and you will see a much different take on the meaning of finding change. I hope through other people’s stories you may gain a frame of reference that gives more peace to be shared with your wife. I have never considered finding change as a bad or scary thing.

      Wishing you both Peace & Love,

  41. Two days in a row I have found a quarter on the ground. I know its Gods way of telling that I will be okay. I battle depression as a result of losing too many people this year. God is telling me to lean on him, and that I will heal and become strong once again.

  42. Monday night, May 6th, I went to the corner drugstore for smokes and there on the sidewalk were 3 pennies in a triangular setting and all of them were heads up.

    • I once ran passed a heart of pennies on a road close to my mom’s house after my dad passed away. I was visiting for a week and ran everyday and they were there each day I passed that spot.

  43. I find coins all the time, mostly pennies but sometimes dimes, nickles and quarters. I ask my angels if there is a message attached and sometimes there is sometimes there isnt. These are all reminders from our angels and loved ones from the other side. I have found them in the store on the particular section of meat I am looking for. It seems our angels can anticipate where we will be going next. To me it is a source of great love, a gift from above. One time I found them close to my shoes when there were literally hundreds of others peoples shoes in the room. I have a gift of clairaudience so I can communicate with my angels. I too was puzzled at first but literally sometimes where I find them makes me laugh and perhaps that is the message that was intended. Keep picking them up its a gift.

  44. We were (are) a very large family. 10 Children, and at the time my mother died, she had 29 Grandchildren, 29 Great grandchildren 3 Great Great Granddaughters and 2 Great Great Grandsons. Times could get tough, mom never showed it. SHe stretched every dime and was always generous. She also collected dimes. When she saw someone who truely needed help, she would go to her dimes. Laughing she would keep the dimes found in the wash, or charge us a dime for a favor. Always with love and a smile. Before she died, she asked me to be in charge of her dimes. She wanted to be sure that the money went to a good cause. After she passed, I was amazed to see that over the years she had collected over 8000.00 in dimes. Dad said whenever she reached 100.00 he would take them to the bank for 100. bill. I donated the dimes to the Gabriel Project (Catholic Care Project for unwed mothers) On the anniversay of her death the family donates the dimes collected through the year to The Gabriel Project. Dimes seem to always show up when we need her guidance, extra prayers, or face challenges we would have turned to her for help. Thanks for letting me share

    • Hi Gail~

      I’m honored that you told your story here. It’s the kind that makes a heart smile. Thank you for sharing with us!
      Peace & Love~ Kim

  45. the night after my dad passed away I was taking a bus home and I felt lead to give a homeless lady 40.00 and she wanted to give me something in return she started taking out angel earrings out of her ear and I had said to my dad to send me a message in the form of an angel or an eagle ( I love doreen virute’s column about angel signs) and I told her that and she had a eagle necklace around her neck. A few weeks later I was missing my dad and asked him for a sign and out of no where there was two 20.00 dollar bills floating around my race.
    Last Sunday I found a two dollar coin while running and went to a garage sale with it right after finishing my run and bought a bible there and it smelled like smoke. It reminded me of my Dad who smoked quite heavily. Today I found a loonie I am contemplating taking a job that has a medical aspect of it out of my comfort zone and am not sure I can handle it or not. I am divided I like to challenge myself and if I knew I would be alright doing it I would go for it but on the other hand fear stands in my way because medical stuff has scared me in the past. I found this site because I am wondering about coins and decisions or signs.

  46. My sons (18 and 22) spent the day together at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH. We rode everything and and they even got me onto the Top Thrill Dragster. I have no idea why I agreed to it, because it was the only ride I would boycott in all the times we went to this park previously. It was a thrill alright, shooting us off into the sky at some ridiculous speed. When we reached the moon, we circled and fell back to the earth. However, I was proud of myself for overcoming the fear. The interesting thing about the day was that I kept seeing dimes lying around, including one I had to step over to get onto another coaster ride. Later, I mentioned I’d seen a dime and it was maybe the third dime I had seen that day. My older son said he had seen a couple dimes too. Someone was along for the ride (pun intended) with us that day.

  47. Yay! I finally found a coin finding website. I have been finding a dime and a penny together or near each other since 1988. For about 2 years now, I find only dimes. Usually tails up. It is fantastic. I always feel good after finding them in the wildest and most unexpected places. Once in the grass at my feet at my daughter’s soccer game!

  48. My mother passed away in February of this year. I have a friend who reads a lot of Sylvia Browne books. We were discussing if my mom would ever appear to me from the other side and she told me that finding coins can be a sign from deceased loved ones. I recently found a quarter and 2 $1 bills in my garage randomly. But more significantly, yesterday I went on a river rafting trip. (Something my mom loved to do and we had done that together many times from my childhood on.) About halfway through the trip, I looked down and there was a quarter in the raft. I picked it up and immediately knew it was a sign from my mom. It gave me chills. Then I noticed that it said Perry’s Victory. I’d never seen these. It’s a 2013 quarter. I guess these are new this year. This is even more significant to me because my mom lived in a town called Perry. She is buried there. My dad lives there. I’ve never had an experience like this, but I am very comforted. I feel very blessed. I have a new perspective on her death, my grieving, and my future.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your mom. It’s not easy when they are no longer with us in the physical world. Your story is lovely and it’s clear to me that she is definitely still with you. Your story gave me goose bumps. Thank you for sharing it here with us!
      Peace & Love,

  49. My Dad passed away a few months ago…i was sitting on my sofa eating a sandwich, when out of nowhere, a penny came rolling across the floor…(i have hardwood floors). I watched it roll for a while then it made a half circle, coming in my direction…when i told my step mom about it, she said it was pennies from heaven….

  50. Wow! So many other people are experiencing the same 🙂 I have been finding dimes for years too. When I tell others about it, they often start finding them as well. And it’s interesting that so many ‘save’ them. I have an Avon bubble bath bottle that I put mine in, and it’s about 3/4 full! That’s how many I have found. I have always wondered what the message was, and after reading all these posts, I do believe that it is that someone is watching over me, and not to forget that.

  51. Hi,

    I have found money especially coins on roads. I found one rupee coin yesterday walking on the road. Am not sure should I keep it or give it away in charity. Does it mean anything? Is it a good luck for me? Please reply. Thanx

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      You may be interested in a post that provides some meanings: The Meaning of Finding Coins~ The Signs in Life

      As for giving it away in charity, that would depend on what YOU feel you should do with it. I have a tendency to keep the coins I find, but yet, I also have a tendency to give money to those on the street who are suffering. So while I don’t give them the exact same money, I do keep a circle of love going.
      Peace & Love~ Kim

  52. Hi, my name is Paula I’m a normal 39 year old mam , for years now I have experienced strange things but on I would say a daily basis I find coins on the floor, not just pennies I find coins from years ago old farthings ect ! I do believe there is something else but I just don’t understand what this means ? It would be nice if the could leave me £50 notes instead hahaha any help would be fab x

  53. Hi, my husband passed away in 2009. I once told him that whenever I had a dime and a nickel in my hand it reminded me of when my mom used to give me 15 cents for the ice cream truck. Well, after he passed I was changing my handbag for one he had bought me. Inside was 15 cents. I knew that was from him.
    Also, the other day I found a quarter in my sneaker while I was wearing them. It was not there when I put them on as I would have felt it.I was walking in a store and felt this heavy thing in my sneaker. I surely would have noticed it sooner.

    • Hi Carolyn~ I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. But, I’m delighted in your confidence and your knowing that your communication has not ended and that it continues in wondrous ways. With love~ Kim

  54. Hi,what a great site! I live in the Uk and have been finding 5 pence pieces for over 5 years,they appear in random places,ie my shoes,underneath books,underneath chairs,in my tool box,I have found them whilst my family/friends have been with me and they cant belive it,I have a jar with them in and Im guessing there will be close to 200 of them thats aprox 40 a year! thank you for all these great stories they mean so much:)

  55. About 3 weeks ago, I went to bed and started to cry. I am a strong person, however, under my financial circumstances, well it got the better of me. I cried so hard. Praying to Jesus and God. Crying to them that I don’t even feel my Guardian Angel is around me anymore. I dozed off. I heard pocket change jingle and saw a shadow go across my room. I thought it was my husband, but it wasn’t. My husband later came in the room around 10:30 pm. I kissed him goodnight and went back to sleep.

    The next day, I was making the bed. There at the foot of the bed where I sleep, was a penny with a dime on top. I am sure it was my Guardian Angel letting me know he is here and not to worry.

    This morning, I folded my PJ’s and put them at the foot of my bed as I always do. I took my son to the bus stop, came back and went to make my bed. There next to my PJ’s, was a single nickel. I stood there frozen with the biggest goose bumps ever. What do you think this all means?

    • Hi Lorraine, Good to hear from you. I love the goose bumps I get when I witness something that I know cannot be explained in human words. Here’s my effort at trying to address the big question~ What does it all mean? It’s written in the new post here: Peace & Love, Kim

  56. I came across this site when I looked up on Google why I have been having the recurring dream of finding silver coins/quarters. However, when I read this and all the comments, I realized I used to find dimes everywhere as a child, and I started a dime collection. I have no idea what inspired me to do so since I did not collect any other kinds of coins, but I realize now this started was right after my dad’s death. I do not collect dimes anymore, nor do I find them anymore, but I have repeatedly been dreaming of finding quarters that only I can see and that are so plentiful that I cannot carry all of them.
    Thank you so much for posting this and for all these beautiful comments and stories, and for reminding me that small miracles happen every day! I hope to find dimes once again one day.

  57. I use to tell my boyfriend finding dimes was a spiritual thing…he would then hide them for me to find when he went out of town…he has since died and I find dimes in the weirdest places…in the sand, behind displays, on a table going to sit down to hear a band,in the parking lot near my jeep I found a Canadian one(he was Canadian), I am starting to save them now…

    • Hi Cindy~ I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend has passed, but it sounds like his game of hiding them for you continues! What a testament to continued communication. I love the idea of saving them because I think we often don’t realize just how often this type of stuff happens until we have a whole jar of proof! 🙂 Wishing you peace & love, Kim

      • Hi! My jeep broke down last week and when I got to work later I found a dime on the floor at the store I work at, the next day I was telling someone about my jeep and I found another dime on the floor..a few days later I was putting shovels away at work and found a dime behind a boot tray display….Danny is still leaving me dimes:)

          • I just made this up today…I find A Dime
            A spiritual thing they say,
            So bring a dime my way.
            Makes me wonder,
            From the Angels yonder
            From the Heavens thunder
            From loved ones whenever
            Dimes just appear wherever
            In the oddest place
            Makes my heart race
            Face up or down
            Doesn’t make me frown
            I find a dime at the right time
            Knowing all along it is mine
            A Canadian one is my greatest find
            Sits high on my mound of dimes
            Heaven bound
            So big and round
            I found a dime…

  58. I have been finding pennies everywhere. I read somewhere or was told that it means my life is on track but I do have concerns over money so I guess it could be a sign for me to trust in God and that he will take care of me. Either way, it makes me so happy when one finds me 🙂 I found two today at the in the cupholder of a machine and the other sitting on top of a bench in the ladies’ locker room. One time, my intuition told me that i would find one when i was about to get out of my car at Walmart and low and behold there was one laying on the ground when i opened my car door. another time i went to get drug tested for a new job and the lady who worked there told me to put my belongings in a drawer. when i opened the drawer there was a penny waiting for me! i was afraid the lady might notice me taking it! it was so funny to me. spirit is amazing and i know spirit has a sense of humor! i can be having a bad day or week but spirit always leaves me these pennies and it always makes me feel like everything is going to be ok. 🙂

    • Hi Kaitlin~ Have you ever noticed that if you look for them, you may not necessarily find them, but when you aren’t looking they show up? There are times that I set out on a walk to look for change and found nothing! And yet, other times when I’m completely oblivious I will look down in just the right moment to find one in a weird place. I also find them at night when it’s dark. I have to chuckle when that happens! Thanks for being here and sharing your story too! Peace & Love, Kim

  59. I ask for them and sometimes they come quickly but mostly a while later and in unexpected places,I havent had one for a while so watch this space:)

  60. Just this year, January 2014, I started the year on a bad struggle, dealing with unexplained events that I some how faced with my faith in God and my belief in Angels. Well, I know someone I loved dearly was murdered, but I have no body to prove that. However the case is still under investigation. To me it looked like a game, I guess I just didn’t want to believe he’s dead until now. I found 15 pennies under my blanket. Came out of no where. But now I know my angel misses me. And I miss him too. I pray that the police finds him soon. I miss you so much.

    • Christine~ My heart goes out to you. I’m sorry for your experience and I’m glad you have a little comfort in finding those pennies. Big hug to you sister.
      Peace & Love~

  61. “Angel head dime”?? That is funny. The image on the coin is actually the “god” Mercury also referred to as “winged liberty” it is NOT an angel

    • Hello David~

      Thank you for enlightening me. Please forgive my ignorance, I happen to “see” angels in many things.
      Peace & Love~ Kim

  62. Thank you for this site. My Husband passed away suddenly 3 yrs ago and left me a tremendous amt of debt which has caused depression. However his spirit is still here as many witness can testify with doors opening/closing, food smells as if he cooked, pots and pans falling causing the dogs to bark, etc, so when I found a quarter TAPED to the floor in the entrance foyer, I immediately tried to figure out what he was telling me. Giving up and deciding it was a joke I laid the quarter beside the telephone. Today I found another quarter face up beside my vacuum which I had just turned off. I had cleaned that floor already so it was no mistake. Your site shows me to put my faith back in God and everything will be all right.

    • Hi Patricia~ Thank you for your comment and adding your story to the page. I’m sorry to hear that your husband has passed on and that you’ve felt depression over the debt. I’m glad that you can see the beauty and reassurance in your coin experience. Now that you’ve embraced it, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it continued. 🙂 Peace & Love~ Kim

  63. Hi
    Is there anyone who could interpret this for me.i just got up from my bed after a power nap. Suddenly from the middle of my room a coin just rolled to me . I live in south Africa so it was a 10 cents coin. I was just amazed I saw it roll I wish I had my video camera at that moment to video it.

    No one else was in the vicinity of where this event took place.

    • Hi Dean~ I’m going to go with fun, reassurance, love and someone on the other side helping you break out of your thoughts and lighten up for a moment. When that type of stuff happens to me, I take it as if I’m being teased in a light hearted way. It may have given you goose bumps, but I bet it was also really cool. 🙂 Peace & Love~ Kim

  64. A couple of weeks ago I found a dime sitting at the bottom of my clothes hamper when I emptied it. I decided not to touch it but now event wondering why I even considered picking it up or not. I finally did last week and left it on my desk. After I finished my laundry, I found a dime at the bottom of the washer machine and I did check all the pockets. Then, when I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, a dime came flying out. I found it to be odd because all were dimes. Then, the next day I go to a local bar with my husband and tell him the story. Before we leave he says “teresa, there is a dime on the floor by your foot”. Come on! Now what are the chances. I was a bit embarrassed to pick it up. I tell a friend who found it very interesting and said it must be symbolic of something. I’ve been so busy that I didn’t have a chance to look it up until today. Here is what hit me today, June TENTH, my husband retires today and my step daughter just got her first teaching job. Both on the tenth! I believe it was my father -in-law sending me a message that everything is going to be okay. He was born in October, month 10. Also, my dad who hasn’t been doing well since he broke his hip in February is doing very well today. I truly believe it is a higher power letting me know that they were sending me good wishes today. It was nice to reach everyone elses stories. Funny part is I tell my dad and he says big deal so now you have 40 cents, LOL

    • Hi Teresa, Yes, I totally understand there are those out there who think “big deal, now you have 40 cents.” I respect that because I believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs and I don’t need everyone to believe as I do. Having said that though I’m a little sad for those who don’t believe in more, simply because it makes life so interesting when you do. It provides wonder and comfort. I’ve asked myself before- what if I’m totally wrong? What if I pass away, get to heaven and find out that I was believing in a bunch of nonsense? Will that have been a waste? I don’t think so, because it brings joy and fun to my life. How could that possibly be a waste? 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story! Peace & love~ Kim

  65. I’ve found a LOT of pennys, nickels, dimes & quarters at many
    different locations around town the last several years. I find
    them everywhere. Who or what is behind it I don’t know.
    I’ve also discovered 13″ long hairs at various locations including
    at home. My hair is short & I don’t come in close contact with
    anyone. The last one appeared on the back of my right hand while
    I was cleaning my bicycle out in my garage. I found 10-15 of them.
    I call them “angel hairs”. What do you think?

    • Hi James~ Well, I admit that “hairs” are new to me, but I don’t dismiss anything that could be a sign of love from above. What I count as a loving message in my life is that which is out of the ordinary, catches my attention and my wonder. Sounds like you are certainly wondering. If I were you I’d pay attention to how I feel when I find the angel hairs. Do you feel comforted? Does it make you giggle as if someone from beyond is definitely communicating with you? It’s all about how you feel, and it’s certainly a harmless interaction. 🙂 Peace & Love, Kim

  66. On Thanksgiving morning in 2009, my husband, David died tragically on our honeymoon in Maui. He drowned in the ocean while he was snorkeling. I never imagined that “’til death do us part” would come just twelve days after we were married. I was devastated. I waited all my life to be married for the first time, only to become a widow less than weeks later.

    Shortly after my husband’s death, I started randomly finding dimes everywhere I go. At first when I found the dimes, I would just put them into my wallet, not thinking that it could mean something special. After about the fourth dime, I thought it was strange that I kept coming across these dimes within such a short period of time. It did not seem so random to me after all, so I decided to save them and keep track of each finding. I was disappointed I did not save the dimes from the beginning, but I realized later that the first few dimes were only to get my attention.

    After awhile, I began to make some meaningful and symbolic connections with the findings. Each dime brings me a little moment of joy and some would even give me goose bumps. At times when I am feeling particularly down and lonely, I would find a dime along my path. On many occasions, I would feel compelled to look in a certain direction and see a dime on the ground. I found dimes while traveling to other states and countries on vacation. I found dimes at the store where I buy flowers for my husband, right before visiting the cemetery. These are just a few examples. As of today, I have found 464 dimes.

    I believe these “DIMES FROM HEAVEN” are signs from my husband to comfort me and to let me know that he is still with me. The dimes have helped in the healing of my broken soul. Also, now that my husband is not around, I have some uncertainties with the everyday decisions that I make. Whenever I find a dime in these situations, I feel reassured that I have David’s support and it helps to validate that I am on the right path.

    This dime finding journey has taught me to have a little faith (something that I lost since my husband died) and to believe that anything is possible. It has reminded me that even when you believe all is lost in your life, there is still hope if you keep your eyes and heart open to the signs around you.

    • Dear Alice~

      All I can say is Wow. Your story is so powerful. It brought tears to my eyes. I am honored that you have shared it here. There is no doubt in my mind that you have David’s support and validation, and it’s easy to predict more dimes in your future. All the best. Peace & Love to you, Kim

  67. Lovely stories. Looked this up as I found 5 gold pound coins in my garden – brought a smile to me reading through this

  68. Kim,

    I want to share this story that recently happened to me. My father in law passed away July 18, 2013. He like to collect coins. A lot of family members were putting special things in the casket to be buried with him. I thought, why not a coin. He was born in 1941 and I just happen to have a 1941 nickel in my possession. I placed this nickel in one of the pockets of his suit jacket. Recently I have be thinking about changing jobs. I came to work on Monday and found a nickel in the parking lot of my work. I stopped by his grave site that same day to seek his fatherly advice on the job change. A dragonfly fly over his grave and went past me. The next day(Tuesday) I decided to look at the date on the nickel I had found. It was 1999, my wife and I got married in 1999. I wholeheartedly believe this was him telling me that it is ok to change jobs.

  69. These stories and explainations has helped me bring new meaning to find nickels in my new house. I kept finding them as I was unpacking and they were not in my package but the house in drawers, cabinets. Now two weeks after moving in I noticed on the bathroom floor of our on suite a nickel again. My husband and I don’t carry change around to that area so I found it so peculiar to now find yet another nickel. My mind has been thinking of retirement, finances and wanting to retire earlier if I could. Seeing the messages I take the nickels as a good sign and it gave me comfort and to continue puttiong my faith in God. Thanks so much for these posts, they were very helpful to me.

  70. Lovely to read all these beautiful stories of people touched by finding coins, googled and came across your website kim, have been finding coins in the streets, not at home, for a very long time mostly 10 cents and 5 cents, was living in New Zealand and have now moved to Australia and I keep finding them in Australia too, again they are 10 and 5 cent only, did find a 1 dollar coin once, never knew the significance of this. Never thought about googling it. Looking back now and trying to remember, it was through my most difficult financial phase that i started getting these coins. I know my Lord Jesus, my angels and my spiritual guides are all there looking after me. Two days back there was another silver coin lying in my path, near a tram stop but did not pick it up as someone was walking alongside me. after reading the above stories will see to it that i pick the coins now and keep them aside and will also check as to what they are trying to tell me. Many thanks & God Bless

    • Hi Jessie~ It’s good to hear from you on the page! I appreciate you adding your story so it may now also give someone else hope and allow them to release their financial fears. Won’t it be interesting to find out just how many coins you find. Once we get this, we never see a coin in the street the same way again. :)Peace & Love~ Kim

  71. I have a great coin story for you. My son passed away earlier this year. I started noticing quarters all over. I dismissed them for a while. It became harder to find them as just coincidental. Recently, his friend was told of what was happening. He got his own quarter. First, just laying off on a cushion….easy to pass off. The following morning however was different. This one was stuck to the wall by his pillow where it still remains. Hard to overlook that. I tried to paste a photo to share but it won’t let me. It’s amazing.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I appreciate you sharing your story with us. I agree. That is a great story!I love how the quarters are contagious. 🙂 That has been my experience that once a person begins to believe this may be contact, the contact grows and expands. Peace & Love, Kim

  72. Throughout my life it has been apparent that “someone” has watched over me in all aspects, including finances. While I’ve never been rich there has always been just enough to make things work and even when a disaster happened there has always been some kind of fortunate event to offset it. The past year however has been really tough and I have been hanging onto my business only by the tips of my fingers. Last night I prayed an especially candid prayer because I really don’t think I can keep this up much longer. I said, in my prayer, that I don’t see His will in this and therefore it’s even harder. Well, my grandson and I were watching television this morning and I heard something hit the love seat opposite us and then bounce onto the floor and roll about five feet. When I retrieved it I discovered it was a quarter. There was three other adults in the house at the time; all in bed sleeping. It was kind of creepy but I can’t help thinking it is a sign that He is acknowledging my prayer and plight and will continue to be here with me. If anyone told me that they had a coin fly through the air and hit a couch I might question their credibility but this indeed did happen. Whether or not I’ve translated the meaning correctly remains to be seen I guess.

  73. Hi my mum passed away last june, and every single week since I have been picking up one pences,2 pences and 5 pences off the ground I was a bit suspicious that it was my mum , now I have it confirmed since I have read other peoples comments , I always find more when I feel down as well, now I have my answers thanks karen

  74. It’s a very interesting topic, recently i’ve been facing the same experience, almost everyday found coins (most is 10 cents) at time i wonder why and what’s the purpose.Could not figure out the reason but what i know is that right now i am in process to clear my debt and whatever outstanding bills that have burden me for quite sometime, been working so hard all these years but still burdens with financial issue, it’s must have been my bad habit, attitude and egos towards things, people and money.It’s time to change.Always remember a say “money will only come to those that knows to take care of money” hope i m in the right direction

  75. I was kneeling down one night saying my prayers by my bed and when I finished I got up and turned my covers back to get into bed. When I turned my covers back there was a ten cent Bahamian coin sitting in the middle of my bed. I have no idea how it got there. I live alone and have no visitors. The year of the coin was 1973. If anybody has any theories I would like to know because I am completely baffled.

  76. I think finding dimes has been a spiritual thing for me. I have heard it is your loved one that has passed being with you…since Danny has died 2 years ago I started saving the dimes that I have found. I now have 40 dimes, finding some in the oddest places…the most recent when I was traveling to Arizona and found one at the Chicago airport….

  77. I can relate to some posts i read on here. So I woke up I’m the middle of the night last night weirdly with a penny in center of my bra. I took it out and went back to sleep. Even weirder work up this morning went to the restroom and as I sat down a heard a clink it the toilet and looked down in the toilet and it there was a quarter In the toilet. Almost as it fell off of me. To follow got it out washed it off as I attempted to sit down again then a penny falls on the floor and I just brushed it off as I sit to use the restroom I look over and see a nickel. Not sure what it all means, I’m just taking it as a blessing and good change to come!!!

  78. Last fall I started finding dimes on a regular basis, I was telling a close friend Jesse, we looked it up on the computer, this spring I started finding quarters, I also told him what I was finding now. He passed away Good Friday, Memorial Service May 2nd, I went outside the funeral home found a quarter on the way out, did not see anyone come in or out the door while I was outside, went back toward the door to enter and found a dime. Does anyone think Jesse was sending me a message, he was the only person I told him this was happening, finding them seems to happen quite a bit each month.

  79. aftervmy father in law passed I found pennies and often dimes in very unusual places, I did framed photos inside a cabinet etc! My son was taking a test one day that he was really worried about he sat in his desk and looked at the floor and there was a dime!

  80. In January I lost a very dear, life long friend named Bob. He was my husband’s best friend and my best friend’s husband. We were all high school sweethearts and grew up together. Bob’s death was sudden and a total shock. I felt that I needed to be strong for my husband and my best friend, so I ignored my own grieving. Around the beginning of April when things with my husband and my friend started to settle down, I kept thinking about Bob. One Saturday, I could not get him out of my mind and I knew it was time for me to grieve. I went through a period of a few days, maybe a few weeks, of where I would cry and think of him. It was during this time that I started finding pennies all around my house. I would leave one room and return to a bright shiny penny laying on the floor. At first I didn’t think much of it. Maybe someone had a hole in their pocket or something, but it was always bright shiny pennies. I then remembered what Theresa Caputo told a woman that she was reading that her finding money mean that her loved one was the one leaving the pennies. I told my mom about finding the pennies and attributed it to Bob but still I wasn’t really convinced they were “heaven sent”. A few weeks later I stopped finding the pennies and mentioned this to my mom on a Sunday night. The very next morning I got up for work with only a nightgown on (without pockets) and sat down on the toilet. I heard something heavy fall on the floor and circle around and around. I kept looking and couldn’t see what it was. I thought maybe a washer had fallen off the toilet or something was broken with the toilet. When I stood up, there was a bright shiny penny laying on the ground where my foot was. I was stunned and shocked and knew that this was not a coincidence. We do not keep anything on the back of the toilet. There was nothing there before I sat down. There is no explanation for where that penny came from. I have decided to keep that penny as my lucky penny. I still continue to find bright shiny pennies around my house even in my robe pocket.

  81. I’m finding dimes on a regular basis and feel God’s comfort and love for me, I’ve shared lots of dime stories with others and some of them get it but others think me daft! It all started when I found a daily meditation on the topic of earthly riches, putting them in perspective and part of it goes ” you will not take a thin dime in your cold dead hands when you leave this world”. So I find that the dimes and the message behind them is that God will meet all of my needs, that I am in the right place and that God cares, alleluia!

  82. for the last few months we have been finding 5p coin at the entrance to my garden path once every week or so its really weird any comments

  83. Shortly after my grandfather (July 2009) and my dad (March 2010) passed I started finding 11 cents everywhere, a dime and a penny, a dime and a penny. It continued so frequently and I thought it was odd. It continued to 2011 and I just thought it was lucky 11 hope. It still continues to this day and I am just thankful. In 2014, I had an angel reading and to my surprise the woman asked me if I found dimes anywhere. I didn’t tell her nor did I tell her my dad and grandpa passed. At that moment, I was looking for different answers. I said, oh my god yes… every where I go in my house, at my desk at work a dime and a penny a dime and a penny. She said well “your grandfather said get a jar and put them in it because there are more coming…. my grandpa was giving me the dimes and my dad was leaving the pennies.” After that I read another article about pennies from heaven and every time I find a dime and a penny…I thank God and thank my grandpa and my dad. As of most recent, I am finding 3 quarters… does anyone know the significance, if any of 3 quarters??

  84. I been finding dimes I was sweeping one day and I look back to see what I did and there was a dime 2 days later same place haveing a smoke and felt a tap at my pant leg look and no one was there thin something rolling down my leg and went in my shoe took it off to see what it was lol it was a dime now I’m at my new job it is starting all over again I found a dime (2016)

  85. This has got to be unbelievable! I don’t know how I came to this article and website this morning but I was worried….my husband is out of work and I don’t have any business right now (I’m a realtor). And what do I find this afternoon on the ground at my child’s school? A shiny $1 coin (am in Canada). I smiled and said ‘Thank You’ when I picked it up. I know this was a message that we will be ok and provided for. Thank you for your article. It was very timely for me.

  86. i found this thread while trying to solve a mystery that happened this morning.
    i was lying in bed and heard someone walking around my bed and felt a solid bumping feeling of someone brushing past my feet. i jumpt up and no one was in the room but when i looked around i found 2 israeli coins on the floor in the doorway which could not be explained.
    any idea what this could mean?

  87. Very recently, the love of my life died suddenly. Since, I’ve been beyond distraught and overwhelmed with grief. Over the past 6 weeks, I have had strangers insist that the penny in the grocery cart is mine, dimes roll out of nowhere at my feet, and pennies are popping up in the strangest places. I’m now sure it’s my love. I just wonder what he is trying to tell me? So much was left unanswered, and I know he is trying to communicate with me. I just need to figure out how to tune in. Thank you for this article.:)

    • I’ve been unemployed for a long time and was waiting to hear back about a possible job opportunity and didn’t get it. I was actually crying on the street about not getting this job and worried about my finances, and stumbled upon a dime on the ground. I have also been finding pennies too! I know it is a sign from my angels and god letting me know I will be taken care of financially. It seems every time I stress about finances, I come across coins.

  88. I have had many synchronicities but yesterday I had thrown in a load of towels to wash. I dried half of them and found a gold dollar coin in the dryer door, then later I took them out and found a dime. I then washing taking the 2nd half of towels out of washer to dry them and saw a penny in the washer. How did 3 coins get in a load of towels? And I rarely use dollar coins ever. I find it really interesting because it totals $1.11. What is this trying to tell me. I have also noticed recently that coins randomly appear where I had just looked and nothing was there. Usually pennies or dimes. I went to movies and sat down in the theatre. Looked down and there was a dime on my chest. I paid with a debit card, no money was out. How did it get on my chest when I just had sat down a few minutes ties before?

  89. I feel that when close family members or friends pass away they become your guardian angels. Since I believe this i have a special thing that I do for each of them whenever I travel the world. First, I find a body of water like a lake the ocean or a pretty fountain. When I find it, I say a prayer and thank each of my 6 family members that have passed. When I finish my prayer I throw 6 coins into the water.
    Today I found 6 coins under the carpet that I installed 5 years ago.
    I know these were not there when I installed this carpet.
    I truly believe that this is from “my guardian Angels” back to me. There is no other explanation. I am going to treasure these 6 coins and I will continue this ritual for the rest of my life.

  90. My grandmother died years ago. I, at first, found pennies. Then I began to find dimes. My brother just died in October. I am now finding quarters. I am a card carrying fool, so to find coins is inconceivable. The most obvious spot was on the bathroom floor just in front of the toilet. I want, no……….need to know the meaning of a quarter.

  91. i have been ill for a long time, diagnosed with cfs for about 25yrs i guess, then it was found i had lyme disease , wow i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy , it destroys your life , but iam slowly getting better thank God for that, this has put me,my wife and my marriage thru hell and little support from family and friends , mentally very taxing .
    anyway about a month ago i had mown the front lawn that day and that night my wife who had earlier turned the retic on said to me can you go turn the retic off which i did , so taking my torch with me i headed outside turned off the retic and shon the torch on the lawn on the way back inside ,in a small hole in the grass i saw a coin and thought it was a ten cent piece i thought wow how i didnt cut the coin with the lawnmower i dont know ,but low and behold when i got inside it was an 1863 english half penny which has queen victoria on it,this shocked us both now two days earlier we had repotted a few plants and the old mulch we had spreadover the front lawn came from some pots that my wife had about 30 yrs old and she was thinking it may have come here that way, but i have been told by a few people that it is a sign of good news , heaven help i need it . what are your thoughts please.

  92. I ,literally, have a bag of money I have found during the last 2.5 years. Dimes, pennies, quarters and an occasional nickel. I keep an empty pill bottle in my bag so when i go out and I find money ,I put it in there and keep it separate. It’s CRAZY! Lately for the past 3 months I have been finding quarters. In parking lots, in stores, in the laundry room,quarters,quarters ,quarters! I call these my “Joe Quarters” or my “Joe Dimes” etc because I know that he is watching out for me.Amazing is all I can say!

  93. I was asleep. Woke up twice during the night to go to the bathroom. The third time I got up, a quarter fell on the floor as I got out of bed, as if someone put on top of me as I was sleeping. First thought was a ghost, but after reading these stories, I am not as scared and am frankly now hopeful, as I too struggle with finances. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    • David, my experience happened and I posted back on 4/20/15 (if you want to read my experience). I would like to share with you I took it as good change to come in my life. I had been applying for my dream job for about 3 years. Just a few months after my experience(August 2015)I received my dream job. Continue to be positive and your blessing will come!

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