Lessons from Illness: Fear, Obsession and Relapsing into the Body Disconnect

Lessons from Illness-

Part Two of Four Part series

Have you read Part One? Lessons From Illness: What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You? 

In the last post, I shared how I recently became ill and was very slow to accept healing. Instead of surrendering to the fact that I was ill, I was indignant. For two whole weeks, I was hung up on “I shouldn’t be ill.” This is old behavior for me, although familiar behavior in a woman with a past history of grinding herself into the ground.

Once again, I had become disconnected from my body and was no longer relating to it with love. I was immersed in my ego. I felt like my illness was undeserved. How dare my body do this to me again? My regular daily regime is supposed to support health and immunity.

lessons-from-being-sickI asked the angels to explain why I’d become so sick…

The angels communicate with me in what I call “knowledge imprints.” Though the words that come through seem simple, they’re infused with the imprint of profound knowledge that leads to my profound understanding.

Lesson one: My illness had served me. I was under the spell of powerful obsession energy, and the illness had broken the obsession. When I’m obsessed, I see nothing clearly, certainly not that I’m obsessed. My focus had been so intense that I had to be leveled so it could be broken.

I see a vision of myself being held down for two weeks while I thrashed around, fighting and struggling, yelling at my restrainer, “But I have things I want to do!” In my vision, I finally yield, let go, and embrace a feeling of relief. Turns out, I’m the restrainer and I finally let go of me.

Lesson Two: Obsession energy steals energy from my life force. It breaks down my immune system and creates conditions inside my body that flash like a neon sign in the virus kingdom: Find Your Next Host Here.

Lesson Three: Obsession energy is the result of fear. As the angels said, When you’re engaged in that energy, you’re trying to control something.

While one part of your mind focuses on forcing something to happen, they added, the other part of your mind is free to hold the fear vibration without being challenged.

I picture Fear throwing a bone for my mind to chase. Go chase that for a while so you won’t notice that I’m over here wallowing in darkness. 

Fear/ego sneaks around on the unconscious levels of the mind.

When I’m conscious of fear in my system, I work to heal it. I make formal appeals to my Divine Source to help me transmute it. Therefore, to survive inside me, fear needs to be sneaky. It insidiously presents diversions for my mind as it attempts to bring me down unconsciously. This time it chose to align obsession energy with my calling. How very clever of it.

In the next post I’m going to explain how fear could hide itself in alignment with my calling. In the meantime, the angels tell me that a lot of folks out there could use a gut check on this one. It’s a great time for us to take an honest look at ourselves.

Are you intensely focusing your attention on something in order to not feel your feelings? Do you choose big projects as a way of diverting your attention away from aspects of yourself that need to be examined? Remember, if we find ourselves intensely focused on something, it’s easy to cross into obsession, and that energy doesn’t serve our highest good. It’s not an energy that allows good in. Instead, obsession creates a wall of intensity that blocks the good out.

Wishing you peace and love~


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Lessons from Illness: Fear, Obsession and Relapsing into the Body Disconnect — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Kim
    I finally got here to read this post.. but for once the “finally” is not because I have been over working on my stuff, but because I too have been learning more balance between my passion for this healing work with others, and my own self care.

    I love the imagry that you use in this post. I “GET” it. I too can relate to each of the points that you make in this post and I am getting better at realizing when my body is saying no and telling me that it is time to take time for me. AND yes, it is hard. It is something that I have to be aware of because I love my work so much, but my work is intense, emotional, draining, and I must remember that if I don’t take care of me, then **ME** can’t do this work!

    Thanks for the work that you do Kim,
    this is a great and timely reminder for me today ~ because I so quickly tend to forget!
    Hugs, Darlene

    • Hi Darlene!

      Thanks for stopping in. I’m so proud of you. Glad to hear that you are listening to your body. Agreed, it is so hard. My mind wants to push me forward, my body is like- whoa- I need you to rest, right now!

      I think it’s the whole “healer” thing. Healers send a lot of energy out, so I believe they require extra attention to themselves in order to maintain those healing abilities.
      Peace & Love~ Kim

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