Living in the Rear View Mirror

“I wanted to tell you that your compelling book, Living in the Rear View Mirror: From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance, saved my son’s life. I am not sure what would of happened if we didn’t read your book. Thank you for sharing your story with others.” Teresa M.

What is the consequence of allowing the pain of your past to create your life today?

Kim’s compelling story is a case study in how our thoughts affect our reality. It shows how miracles happen when we embrace our own worth and become who we are meant to be.

Even though she has tried to outrun the pain all her life, in 2006, Kim, a successful businesswoman, comes face to face with her haunted past. Almost twelve years have passed since her intense emotional pain had turned into crushing migraine headaches. She now finds herself not only addicted to painkillers and alcohol, but also dealing with a mind that refuses to leave her alone. She begins to pray … to die.

Instead of dying, Kim experiences the miracle that brings her to sobriety. She finds herself very much alive and leading the life of her dreams. It is now that she receives the answer to her lifelong question,

Why did all of this happen to a nice girl like me?

Kim’s story is powerful and written with courageous honesty. It takes the reader into the mind of a woman struggling to leave her past behind and find her self-worth. It’s through recovery that Kim finds spirituality and begins to walk the path into a life better than she’d ever imagined she could live.

This book is an inspirational must-read for anyone seeking to enrich the quality of his or her life.

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