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 “My insides were crying out for help. Well, luckily somebody heard me because today I am the person I’ve always dreamed I could be. Thanks Kim, your book has guided me to the light.” Jenny S.

Everyday people wish that their lives were different. They want joy, they want to be happy, but they don’t know where to start. This book outlines a path of transformation. Kim helps readers understand how early conditioning and the influences in daily life can lead to a state of negativity and fear. She brings awareness to the various influences and offers suggestions for overcoming this type of conditioning. She also exposes the impact of internal dialogue on the mental state. Through entertaining life examples Kim gives information about her own internal characters, so you can identify yours. Then she provides the tools to shut down the influence of negative thoughts. Additionally, she will guide you to inner peace by sharing techniques that will help you overcome anger, release resentment and judgment, find forgiveness, move toward compassion and speak your truth with love. Lastly, she illuminates your gift of inner guidance and shines a light on the path to happiness. New From the Inside Out offers simple exercises that will retrain your mind and drastically change your overall feeling about life. 

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Do you have a feeling that life could be better but you don’t know what changes to make?

Do you struggle with negative thoughts or fears and long to have inner peace?

Do you find it hard to stay positive and wish you were happier?

Do you want joy in your daily life? 

 If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I invite you to join me on the path of transformation.

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