Living in the Rear View Mirror:
From Substance Abuse to A Life of Substance

July 9, 2012, Melinda, Manager of a Bookstore, Sacramento, CA ~ I just want to personally say I loved Living in the Rear View Mirror!

May, 2012 Wendy, Roseville, CA, ~ I read your book in just one weekend!

April 27, 2010, Shelley Awad, Author of Dan Delion’s Secret ~   I was very impressed with Living in the Rear View Mirror, by Kim Vazquez. Every author bares their soul, but not very many do so as courageously as Vazquez does. This inspiring, well-written autobiography will leave all readers with a personal message they can relate to. This truly is an all-inspiring great read!

March 30, 2010, Jannette F, reader from Sacramento, CA ~   I just finished your first book. I read alot of true crime. I must say that this was the 3rd time ever, that I didn’t want to put a book down. That doesn’t happen often, (that’s a good thing). I’m gonna start your 2nd book, and hopfully learn how to take better care of myself. I love this chance to look at life in a different way. New doors to be open. Thank you for that.

January 2010, Shane, Newfoundland, Canada~ Kim, I just finished your book, Living in the Rear View Mirror, I had planned on going to work today but once I started your book I couldn’t put it down! It has been a long time since a book has snagged my attention like that….you truly have an amazing story!!! I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to air so many personal details about your life to so many, the co-incidences that brought this book into my life coupled with so many synchronicities that dotted your story are truly amazing… THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story!!!!! Today was a life-changing day in so many ways and your courage in writing your book was instrumental in my spiritual journey. I send u love and light and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

January 2010, Dusti, reader, Sacramento, CA,I just finished reading Living in the Rear View Mirror…Wow!

J.C, Newfoundland, Canada~   I am currently reading your book and it is many ways a reflection of my own experiences. I’m just reading for the first time the word “empath” which really describes what I have been feeling my whole life. I am currently struggling in life and have been for a long time. Your book is helping me feel that I am not alone. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

Beverly, Newfoundland, Canada ~    Just finished reading your book, all I can say is amazing.You truely are an inspiration to us all.I am so glad I read the Herald that day and found you and had the chance to read about your life. Kim, I am thinking about your book and life. It had great impact me

Excellent life changing story, August 16, 2009 By MAM_2006 ~    Author Kim Vazquez has such a special writing style that before you know it you are right into the middle of her world. I felt I was actually there with Kim as she was telling her story. I could relate to her pain and sorrow, struggled with her numerous attempts to find love and happiness, and cried out loud with her as she finally found a way to overcome her troubles. This young lady tried just about anything and everything to bring peace into her life. When it seemed like she found it in a different man, job, party or song… she smacked right into a brick wall dragging you along with her. You realize what she is searching for and that keeps you earnestly turning each page to find out if, when and how she actually does find it. Once I started reading Kim’s book I could not put it down. I am a pretty fast reader but I found myself slowing down to a crawl. I felt like I just met a new friend. She does not hold anything back and tells it exactly how it is. Kim is not afraid to share her deepest secrets, fears, strengths and weaknesses. She even is willing to introduce you to her classic inner-voice demon type characters she calls, “Anxiety” and the “Belittler”. Many readers will relate to these cridders. You will not be able to walk away from this book without thinking you have actually known Kim all of your life. She has an extraordinary way of finding just the right words to express herself and keep you hooked. Kim Vazquez is not just a gifted writer… she is a gift! I would highly recommend this book to not only people struggling with substance abuse issues but to anyone who finds themselves on a road leading to nowhere, hoping to find someone who is willing to lend a helping hand by example. Her story touches on so many other important issues besides just Kim’s substance abuse problem. That is only the tip of her iceberg. It is the one everyone can see, feel and taste. However, there are more deep-rooted issues Kim faces and ultimately learns how to overcome. Kim reminds me of the typical biblical “Prodigal Son” (daughter, in Kim’s case). Once she “finally” comes to her senses she knows enough to turn away from her addictions and… Well, you will just have to read the book to find out the rest of the story. This book is not religious… which is odd. In fact, she coyly stays away from anything even close to being preachy. She even admits in the beginning of the book she was never a big follower of God. However, the spiritual struggle that ensues throughout the book screams out clearly you know she is either cleverly just pulling your leg or trying to foolishly kid herself. Kim does mention she experienced angelic encounters, however she does not dwell very long on them. She allows the reader to get so entwined in her life that you have to hang in there with her knowing the end has to be something special. Read it and you will see what I mean. Great job, Kim. I wish I had half your writing abilities. If I did, I would be a best-selling author, which I know someday you will be. Please do not ever stop writing. I truly feel you will touch millions of lives with your books and specialty practice.

Having found a spiritual rebirth, she shares her tale hoping to help others aspire to rise above their addictions, September 7, 2009 By Midwest Book Review~
The demons are always after you, but you don’t have to give in. “Living in the Rear View Mirror: From Substance Abuse to a Life of Substance” are the reflections of author Kim Vazquez about how she gave into to alcohol and painkillers when her life became too difficult without them. Having found a spiritual rebirth, she shares her tale hoping to help others aspire to rise above their addictions. “Living in the Rear View Mirror” is a read well worth considering for those with their own battles with demons.

Courageous personal testament of finding oneself, June 14, 2009 By Karen Edwards “nerakangel” (Montreal Quebec) ~  Hang on for an enjoyable ride. This personal revelation is not for the faint of heart, but if you want to be entertained and uplifted with a frank and courageous personal story, read this book. The writer is willing to share her private and painful journey that rings true for many with co-dependant relationships. Finding the truth in relationships from family to partners and friends is shared in a true to life, and heartwarming frankness. The humour is refreshing lightening the whole read throughout. Her personal discovery of herself leads to a beautiful connection to Spirit. Truly an incredible read and highly recommended.

Vazquez delivers Honesty, Pain and Triumph, July 9, 2009 By C. A. Webb “Conversations Book Club” (Jackson, MS) ~     What good is being presented with a problem when there is no solution in sight? IN LIVING IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR Kim Vazquez shares with us the pain and challenges of her personal life while also allowing us to see how she found deliverance, peace and triumph over her own demons. This is an incredible read for those who are looking for a way out and need that pep talk from someone who has “been there, done that.” They will get that and more from Vazquez in this inspiring account.

Compelling, October 23, 2009 By Chance’s Mudder “chancesmudder” (Roseville, CA USA) ~     “Living in the Rear View Mirror” by Kim Vazquez will take you on a journey through one woman’s quest to find happiness and fill her feelings of emptiness. She attempts to fill the void through various avenues like men, career, materialism, and ultimately drug and alcohol abuse. What she did not know was that the very thing she was looking for was already in her possession in the form of a very special and spiritual gift. The book is compelling and impossible to put down. The descriptions of her thoughts and various situations are so graphic, gritty and real that I would cringe in recognition. However, at no time is it a voyeuristic glamorization of substance abuse a la “A Million Little Pieces”. Her story traverses through her life’s highs and lows, ultimately reaching her breaking point. While her breaking point is not as dramatic as ending up on skid row, it was low enough for the average person to envision that only a few choices separate her fate from one’s own. The author is able to share her lessons from her experiences with an insight and clarity that would appeal to all readers, not only those affected by substance abuse. A captive read that leaves one very satisfied, yet hungry for the author’s next writing.

Danelle Wacker, Roseville Press Tribune “Living in the Rear View Mirror offers inspiration.”

Sacramento Book Review August 2009 ~  “In an oft painfully honest memoir, Kim Vazquez details her ongoing problems with drugs, alcohol, and dependency in her relationships with family and friends …the inspiring story of a woman that overcomes a hard childhood that spilled over into her adulthood.”

Christina Allen, ~  “Kim’s story is not one that some may imagine when they think of ‘an addict.’ Kim shares herself with the reader and provides a sad story with hope at the end. She shares how her spirituality helped her and continues to help her live her life again. A good read and a good look into the life of someone you may know.”

Valerie Kent, The Newfoundland Herald ~ “While her beliefs have helped Vazquez overcome her addiction, she hopes that her story will help others to find the hope they need.”

Richard Blake, Reader Views Top 500 Reviewer Amazon ~ “Living in the Rear View Mirror” is a story of conquering the power and poison of bitterness, anger, stress, loneliness and addictions… offering hope and healing for those caught in a web of pain, suffering, emotional emptiness, anxiety and mental illness.

Kim Vazquez shares her story of vulnerability openly and candidly. by Phil Hancock, Author “A Path Not Chosen”, June 12, 2009 ~  Living in the Rearview Mirror, by Kim Vazquez, is a frank open look into the life of a young girl’s struggle with drugs, alcohol, work and relationships. The outside beauty people saw never revealed the turmoil that raged beneath the surface. The ability she had to balance work, substance abuse and her need for adoration from her current partner is an eye opener that will make you think about your own personal relationships and how you deal with friends and acquaintances. Kim, living in the past, caused severe headaches that lasted more than a decade and were only made bearable by burying herself in work using pain killers and alcohol to deaden those debilitating migraines. Kim writes with such clarity her readers will understand her futility, trying to hide from life’s problems and the devastating effect of using drug or alcohol as a quick fix for those problems. Kim’s view into another realm with visits from guardian angels and deceased relatives shows the depth of her mystic ability. A suggested read for young teenagers, Kim’s problems exposed in this book should help them avoid the mistakes she made as they too will be searching for partners and reaching for maturity. This book has had a definite impact on my views and I look forward to whatever she decides to write next.

Bridget,, Readaholic blog ~   Living In The Rear View Mirror is a story of one woman’s determination to live a more fulfilling life. Kim is an amazing and very likable woman. I truly felt like I had found someone who actually understood me. The way Kim described herself, the events in her life and how she turned it all around was almost identical to the person I was just a few years ago and the person that I have become. It is an amazing story of recovery and Kim lets readers know that they are not alone and the power to change is possible. It won’t be easy and it won’t be fun. I encourage you to meet Kim by reading her book and following her steps to emotional healing.

Lauri Vagadori, Roseville, CA July 1, 2009 ~    If you are looking for open, honesty and truth this is the book for you. Kim opens her heart and shares on a deep level. Anyone who has struggled with an addiction can relate to this book. What I found while reading this was that there are more people like me and I am not such a bad or crazy person. The more I read the more I could relate to Kim’s story. The more I could relate the more it took the power out of my own struggles because I found I am not alone. I have always felt there was “something out there” and I am coming to terms with the Angels that have been with me my whole life, I just thought I was crazy. Kim, I commend you for being real even when I am sure it was not easy and thank you for your honesty and giving me new found hope.

Erica Breitsprecher, Rocklin, CA June 5, 2009 ~  Kim shares her life in all its triumphs and downfalls. She exposes herself to us in order to show how one can become whole by releasing one’s self to the universe. Her candid look at a life, that from the outside looks beautiful but gives us a perspective how the inside is in complete contrast. I gleaned many insightful thoughts and ideas and especially enjoyed the end…which is truly just a beginning. I recommend this book for anyone with a tortured past, or anyone looking for insight to improve their outlook on their own lives. Kim is an Angel. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with others so that we may benefit from your experiences.

Jenny, San Francisco, CA June 5, 2009 ~  First, I must say that I couldn’t put this book down once I read the first chapter! I felt the emotion right away! It captured so many thoughts as a child myself and having parents and relationships throughout life and how we deal with our anger and hurt! It touched my heart on so many different levels and stirred up things that I thought were buried away forever but in a good way! What strength she had to overcome all the obstacles in life she had to endure and come out of it a more spiritual, strong and loving person! I’ve learned so many things from this book and look forward to happier future for myself and others! Jenny Reviewed by Erin N, October 18, 2009 ~   “I hadn’t lost jobs or had DUI’s. I didn’t sleep with strange men…I didn’t start fights…I’ve always told myself I was still in control while I was drunk…This is how I lied to myself.” In Living in the Rear View Mirror, Kim Vazquez takes us on a journey through a sad and broken childhood, the depths of her growing alcoholism and addiction, and through her amazing spiritual awakening that had lingered on the sidelines her entire life. Kim was born in California to an alcoholic/abusive father and a “victim” mother whose unhealthy marriage and life choices dragged Kim to another country, exposed her to dangerous influences, left her vulnerable to molestation, and planted the seeds of emotional delinquency that would rule her life for over 30 years. Kim also began seeing angels at an early age…angels that protected her from the worst life had to offer and were supportive when Kim began her recovery from “substance abuse to a life of substance.” Kim Vazquez writes an autobiography of rigorous honesty guided by her higher power. Her spiritual gifts have saved her from certain death and have provided her with the means to help others through spiritual counselling, Angel Readings, and seminars/workshops. Living in the Rear View Mirror is an inspiring story for those struggling with their own addictions, those who love an addict, and those who are empathetic to the human condition.

New From The Inside Out

April 27,2010, Shauna, from Trying to Stay Calm, Link:
Thanks to Kim Vazquez I got to review her book New From The Inside Out! I love the great ideas and tips in this book! I also liked that it’s short and sweet and to the point. I love Kim’s positive attitude and outlook! I love the part about smiling at others called “The Smile Experiment”. I hope we can all be happier and smile more 🙂 Thanks Kim for the great book!

Robert, Sacramento, CA
     Hi Kim, I just finished New from the Inside Out and just ordered 10 more from Amazon. Thanks for the great books.

Jenny Saxman
     I’ve just ordered Kim’s second book, “New From The Inside Out”. I’m really excited to see where this book takes me! I’ve been working with Kim for a few years now and sometimes forget how much she has changed my life. It wasn’t until I saw a friend recently who I hadn’t seen in awhile who pointed out how much I’ve changed for the better. She stated that I seemed much more at peace with myself and confident. She was right! I never thought I would love myself the way I do now. Kim has been a miracle in my life. Kim, your my Angel for sure! Why I know her sessions work is because her gift keeps giving. I have tools that I’ve learned from her that I continue to use everyday. Thank you!

5 out of 5 stars by Kathleen Sullivan, Author of Butterfly
This book was referred to me by a friend. When it came and I opened the package a card containing a delightfully personal message, from the author no less, came tumbling out. I was immediately drawn into a warm introduction where Kim had written “I walk the path with you” and I found her path to be a comfortable and rewarding place. Her interpretation of conditioning and influences rang true in my mind and resonated with other books I had previously read on the subject. I enjoyed reading Kim’s explanation on the effects of energy. Her skill as a writer kept me interested and turning the pages through this chapter. However, I had no idea of the discoveries I was about to make. Kim’s chapter on Internal Dialogue opened my eyes, took my breath, and smacked me on the chin. For several days I looked on in horror as my Belittler, Judge and Taskmaster ran my affairs for me. I was astonished to discover that my Belittler not only attacked me but came out of my mouth, on occasion, to ‘have a go’ at my devoted husband too!!! After a few days of this I was able to shut my own (internal), mouth and use the tools set out here in this awesome book. I am even able to identify when someone else’s inner dialogue spills out! I love the statement “It’s none of my business” and it has kept me out of wasting my valuable energy so many times already. I just know that I will read this book over and over again and I strongly recommend it to everyone – even if, like me, you have read lots of personal empowerment books and think you already know ‘all there is’ about the power of now. Thank you Kim Vazquez for giving me this finely crafted book of divine daily survival tools.

New From the Inside Out January 15, 2010
     I just finished reading your new book. I liked it a lot. It is filled with excellent self-help advice and exercises that I know will help many. Though this is quite different than your first book, which was much more autobiographical, the personal situations you used to describe how you came through your troubles certainly makes this book a winner as well. Please keep up the good work. Marty Angelo

Vazquez Gives Advice On Changing “From The Inside Out”, February 6, 2010
By C. A. Webb “Conversations Book Club” (Jackson, MS) –

In LIVING IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR author Kim Vazquez told us her story of redemption and renewal. Now in NEW FROM THE INSIDE OUT, she helps us all to begin the journey of change that so many of us hope for. Written as advice from a trusted friend, Kim takes us through the importance of loving ourselves, learning to forgive and move on and recognize something larger than us in our quest for real happiness.

While some lament the challenges they have experienced, the author has come to learn the purpose of what she has been through. She writes: “I finally understood why I’d been through all of those challenges and difficulties. It was so I could relate to others on a deeper level and be of help to them.” How many of us look for those “teachable moments” when we are dealing with things day to day? How many of us realize the importance of looking for the good in life instead of focusing on the negative? Kim goes on to say this: “A new life began for me when I cleared out my destructive thinking habits and allowed my mind to be quieter.”

Believe me, no matter where you are in your life, this is a book that you will want to read and share with those you love. It allows you to look at the past, present and future in a brand new light.