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Wednesday was a tough day.

I found myself caught up in the energy of stress, with the desire to try and control the outcome of a challenging business deal. Not a very divine feeling.

Out of the blue a lovely message arrived in my inbox. The email came from a client, Debbie, who recently had an angel reading with me. (It’s important for me to say that I take no credit for the miracle she’s experienced. This is the result of angels working in her life. I just deliver the message and watch in delight at the transformation.)

It went like this:

share-the-joy“I just wanted to send you this quick note. Throughout today, I’ve had these tiny bubbles of sheer joy. The kind that makes one want to jump up with glee and smile so much. I have a feeling that it’s my true happiness, that which is usually burdened by my layers of negativity (being so hard on myself), that is trying to come forth. Usually I’m pretty happy-go-lucky anyway, but this sheer joy is a different feeling, where I feel “full”. Usually it’s a “if only” kind of thing. If only I had this or that. But today, I’ve felt a lot of that perfection.

I just wanted to say thank you! I know it’s directly a result of my reading with you. You helped me to peel back those negative layers to get to my authentic self. I’m still not completely there (are we ever?), but I’m working on it. I haven’t even fully taken in the reading yet and fully digested the notes I took from it, but I’m letting it slowly seep in, so I can really appreciate it.

I feel so happy to be able to get to the point where I can truly feel joy.”

What a gift! And, what perfect timing! Rather than stay in my harsh business energy, I allowed my heart to fill with joy while I was reading. It was like receiving a joy transfusion. This is the perfect example of how, even in a rough day, joy is still available. Throw your arms open to it!

Peace & Love,


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Angels in Action

A woman named Lisa recently phoned me. “I just came across you on the Internet,” she said. “I don’t even know why I actually called, except that you’re in my town.” Her tone sounded apologetic as she continued, “I started out searching for James Van Praagh and then ended up on Doreen Virtue’s web site. I’m not really familiar with Angel Therapy, but for some reason I clicked on the practitioner link and saw that you live in my town.”

I listened intently, nodding and knowing that there’s always something more at work in the ethers, guiding us along. I could feel her intensity and desperation through the phone.

She went on. “I think I better tell you right off that I’ve suffered loss recently and I find myself stuck in life. I’m uncomfortable and need some sort of help. I noticed that you do angel readings. Can you tell me what that is?”

As we began to discuss the work I do and what I could offer her, I could sense a shift beginning to take place in her energy. I could feel her beginning to calm down. She told me that she’d been avoiding people because she knew she might cry in front of them.

“Well, I’d be in the wrong business if I couldn’t handle tears,” I assured her. Again, I felt more shifting in her energy as she expressed her relief. We determined that a reading would be of assistance to her. Lisa gave me her cross streets and asked me to give her directions to where I conduct my practice.

Chuckling to myself, I thought, Of course. Sometimes God’s plan is just so clear. This woman had sat down at her computer with her heart crying out for help. She’d begun on the World Wide Web and allowed herself to be guided to a different site that she hadn’t anticipated. Now here she was, getting directions to come and see me.

“Kim,” she said. “You sound like you’re laughing.”

“Oh, just love how divine synchronicity works,” I told her. “The cross streets you just gave me are my cross streets, too.”

Of course the day Lisa came in, the Angels came through with powerful messages. There were tears in her session, but there was also laughter. And when she left with the suggestions the Angels had made written on a little piece of notepaper, I could feel that a life-changing shift had occurred. When Lisa phoned me two days later to thank me, she sounded different. “I’ve done as suggested, and I feel so much better!” This time, I just smiled to myself.

There are no thanks to me, as I’m just the messenger, but I do love to see how well things work out when we just follow our guidance.

Peace & Love,


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