Fundraiser for Health: Coming Clean About My Life

“Kim, I haven’t seen you for so long…”

“Kim, I noticed you don’t post very often on Facebook anymore…”

“Kim, I haven’t heard from you in months…”

These are the comments I hear most often. 

Sometimes I just stop hearing from people altogether. I totally get why.

Today, I’m coming clean about my life

It’s not that I’ve been keeping secrets. I’ve been trying to navigate a chronic health condition with grace, which is tricky. It’s taken me the last three years to sort myself out and I’m still learning. Chronic, as in daily ongoing pain or discomfort, for me, is a state that produces a myriad of thoughts and emotions to wade through. It’s an experience rich and full of divine texture, but it’s quite a balancing act.

What’s the health condition?

It’s a complicated, neurological immunity disorder. It affects all of the body systems. How does something like this occur? A collection of factors, that do not begin overnight come together to create the perfect storm. (I will be writing about it in the future.) At the onset, one internal system gets out of whack and begins to borrow support from other systems. If not caught, one by one the other systems become shaky as well until collectively they all now need support and restoration. It’s a miracle really, the way our bodies work to keep us functioning.

The disorder causes me to experience a variety of daily symptoms. Some of them are pretty gnarly.  I choose the word “experience” on purpose. As part of the experience the symptoms are free to leave at any time. If I refer them as “my condition,” or “my disorder,” they sound permanent, don’t they? I do my best to keep things neutral.

My plan, in this post, is to speak from the heart and keep my intentions clear. I plan to share just enough to help you understand how I got to the place where I’d consider something as drastic as a fundraiser for myself. It’s been a big, big decision. The Warrior part of me has had to yield and understand-sometimes Warriors need help too. 

The balancing act, the balance I strive for is the maintenance of a healthy perspective. I must consciously choose to keep my view attuned to the higher plan. Because toxic feelings will make a condition worse, I must allow myself to experience feelings of frustration, sorrow, loneliness. I need to honor the loss of “the things I was once capable of.” Then, I  need to let go of sadness so I may transition back to hope. Hope is where the healing is. I always find my way back to the belief that no matter how long symptoms have been hanging out with me, this too shall pass.

Sometimes I don’t tell others what’s going on because it’s hard enough to manage my own feelings. I hope you care about what I’m going through, but I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. Pity and sympathy are heavy energies to process, while compassion and empathy are energetically supportive. How to be really supportive to a person experiencing illness? Visualize the person you care about as healthy and whole. That’s working with creator energy. I hope you see me in your mind as a healthy, whole and vibrant. That version of me is available. I affirm it.

What follows is the short of it… 

The truth is that I’ve been sick for years now. So unwell that life’s a hazy blur. I sometimes don’t feel like I’m here on Earth. Life has shrunk so small that I now choose between things like washing my hair or going to get groceries. Days are designated as either outdoor or indoor. On the outdoor days I push myself to get supplies to last through the indoor ones. I find it hard to clean the house and hard to take care of myself.

Every choice I make is an assessment~what will it cost me energetically?

Inside the confines of my own neighborhood I look somewhat like a bag lady. No make up, big messy hair, tank tops, sweatpants and flip flops. When I’m out, though, you’ll never be able to tell what energetic compromises I made to leave my house that day. I might yawn in front of you, or speak slowly and stumble on my words a bit. I might have a baseball hat on because I couldn’t do my hair. But, if you see me, you probably won’t notice anything. You’d have to look deep into my eyes to see what’s going on. Why? Because I look fine on the outside. 

People often encourage me to get out of the house and go to support groups or to meet a friend for coffee, telling me, “You’ll feel better once you get there.” They’re right. I do. I appreciate every moment that I spend with friends. What may be hard for you to fathom  is that, for me, engaging at all- talking, listening, connecting the two together to have a coherent and fully present conversation- that, my friends, actually uses my mind which uses my energy. Talking to, or seeing friends isn’t a complaint. The visit simply factors into my assessment. I have to plan for that use when I’m balancing my energy account.

The mantras I used to use don’t work anymore. “Power through it.”  “Suck it up.”   “Shake it off.” “Have some coffee,” or “Just set your mind to it.” Applying these now has a major consequence.

If I make an incorrect assessment about my energy reserves I become overdrawn. The energy deficit (E.D.) is a harsh creditor that doesn’t negotiate. E.D. is a thug who doesn’t care if I’m out of food or will miss a doctor’s appointment. When he catches up to me, he rips the life force from me. 

As a second example of symptoms- there’s the neurological stuff, which can be terrifying. I have to consciously resist the stories and “what if’s” that Fear tries to lull me into. The most seductive Fear draws my concern to my lack of family in the U.S. There’s just me and my mom. Fear asks me: Where are you going to be in twenty years if you can’t improve your brain function? Will you be alone? Will anyone care?

To counteract those fears I choose to stay in the moment. In daily life, however, when I’m in the moment, they sometimes are moments of panic. Isn’t it normal for a human being to have a first reaction of panic when they suddenly don’t know where they are? I may forget what store I’m in. Or, why I’m there. I find myself wondering if this is what Alzheimer’s feels like. In other moments my brain will stop helping me turn thoughts into words (yet my mind is present and totally knows what’s going on.) It’s then that I wonder if that’s what Autism feels like.

More truth? There’s something I keep doing that I know isn’t helping. It’s costing me what little precious energy I have and it’s a big part of why I’m asking for help. It’s my biggest Catch 22. More about that below.

Why ask for help now?

Recently, I went to my first group meeting specifically for immunity type illnesses. There, I learned that things can get even worse. One woman said she’d been living with a Chronic Fatigue disorder since the late 70’s. Another person mentioned, way too casually, the 3 year stretch when he didn’t get out of bed. Naturally, I freaked out. This was the catalyst that propelled me to here. (It dawned on me- I need a health sponsor! So if you want to sponsor me, I’m willing to wear your company logo t-shirts…around my house. Smile.) In all seriousness, I sure hope this post will inspire some lovely people of the world to help me. 🙂

I need to do something NOW. For seven years or so I’ve watched my life shrinking in slow motion. The last three years have been challenging, the last year even more so. My functionality appears to be declining.

“You wrote the book on having a Life of Substance and being New From the Inside Out. Do you feel like a Fraud?”

I was once asked this very honest question and I think it’s a great one. To answer:

Is my life still A Life of Substance in it’s small, limited state? I certainly think so. I’m willing to serve every day and no act of love or kindness is “small.” I may not be out making speeches in front of thousands of people, but I’m always right where I need to be when the Creator calls upon me.

I do not feel like a fraud. Not one little bit. I feel human and fallible, like we all are. But mostly, I’m grateful for all that I learned while writing New From the Inside Out. I have precious memories of those months when I felt great, believed I was healthy, and was filled with sheer Joy. To experience them is to know they are possible again!

I shudder to think what my mental state might be had I not been given some insight to lean on. I’ve come to view my mind’s perspective as a Rubik’s Cube. When I’m discontent I shift my thoughts, clicking this way or that way until…ahhh… all of the colors are aligned and I feel better again, simply because I found a view for my situation that gives me peace.

Learning how to adjust your own perception is priceless because your perspective determines your experience. I was blessed to author a book on transforming the mind because it enabled me to see illness as a soul journey.

help others get healthyI affirm that I’m destined to be healthy and help others get healthy.

Illness has resulted in me becoming my own health advocate. I’ve gained a considerable amount of knowledge on how to love and care for the human body in our toxic world.

It’s only a matter of time before more people correlate the less-than-optimal function of their body with their food supply, toxic personal products and the chemicals in their work and home environment. I don’t believe we all have to get sick to make a change. I can hardly wait to have the energy to share what I’ve learned! Maybe I will help someone totally avoid their own illness.

I’ve done everything I know to do to get better. And now the record can state: I need help. I cannot do this on my own. 

Did you know that by the time a person gets to an “immunity disorder” that conventional medicine is limited in treating the cause? There’s no surgery for this. There’s no simple blood test.  Doctors order only the blood tests that are “normal” for them to order so they can prescribe the corresponding pill. Yet, there’s a whole host of new and exciting blood work that can reveal root causes. A pill doesn’t heal. It band aids the symptom. If you stack years of those pills and band aids on top of each other, you could find yourself in my spot. It doesn’t work.

If you watch Dr. Oz you may already know that there’s a whole other world of healing available. There are blood, urine and saliva tests that can give a snapshot of how your gut is functioning, panels that can tell what body enzymes you are low on, what minerals or vitamins that you are lacking, even specifically what chemicals are overloading your system. There’s a test that can explain why I’ve rapidly developed multiple sensitivities to my own house! You see, the immune system is engaged in an ongoing battle and the antibodies it’s producing tell the tale of what needs to be healed. I’d love to know what’s causing malabsorption; why my body is not getting the nutrients it needs. These types of tests can truly help people like me. Because there are so many systems struggling, it’s hard to know where to start. The right test could show the shortest route back to health.

This is the beginning. After, there’s careful introduction of supplements, tracking, follow up visits and follow up tests. A person on the right path, doing everything just right can take up to a year or longer to heal. If this were about a few hundred dollars, you wouldn’t be hearing from me. Healing a complex disorder is a process and it’s probably more costly than you can imagine. To get a full set of the beginning tests costs more than a thousand dollars.

I’m raising money so I can see the specialists who can help me. Specialists and their protocols come with mega price tags. I know this because I’ve already sold all my furniture and appliances to see them. When money runs out quickly and I can’t continue, my attempts feel futile and frustrating. With the necessary funds I will have the appointments, lab tests, treatments and supplements that stand to change my life! None of these things are luxuries. We are talking about health.

It’s not just about treatments, there have been ongoing unexpected costs adjusting to a strangely different life. My body has staged an all out revolt. As a result of the disorder I have developed multiple allergies and sensitivities, most of which came on literally over night. With the flick of a switch I’m suddenly allergic to the perfume I’ve worn for years, household cleaners choke the air out of me, gluten makes me want to hurl, dairy wreaks havoc on my sinuses, saline solution burns  my eyeballs like a blow torch and my regular brand of eye shadow swells my eyelids. Can I get a what the heck? Yeah. What the heck? It takes time, energy, research and money to swap out toxic products for non-toxic ones. But again, this would be valuable information I’m happy to share.

The Catch 22

I feel desperate inside at times, like I cannot endure one second longer. I mean, come on, it’s been seven years already! Although I’m very grateful for the disability income (that I earned while I was a workaholic), disability is not like winning the lottery. My health expenses outweigh my income. I have to create additional income. I’ve tried selling things on Ebay, Craigslist and Amazon. I’ve held garage sales and also turned small furniture items into little works of art.

While pushing myself physically to make the money I need I set myself up to crash energetically. That’s the big Catch 22 of my world. 

As I mentioned above the energy deficit creditor is a thug. When it collects what’s overdue, my brain shorts out, body systems crash and I find myself in bed or staggering around in a walking coma. It’s a vicious cycle, one created because I haven’t had the money necessary to support myself and heal at the same time.

Financial concern is also a constant, slow siphoning of energy. Continued low level stress  exacerbates every dysfunction within and steals energy from the body that could be used for healing.

Soul journey or no soul journey, I must do something practical to meet my human needs. So, I hope you’ll consider donating to my cause!  

I’m a hope addict.

In addition to using creative outlets, it’s been Hope, that has helped me survive the last seven years. When I have a new idea or discover a new healing method, I am in the sweet spot with Hope. Using hope I imagine positive potential outcomes and bathe myself in that lovely sensation. While I love this spot and it’s sensation, there’s a spot that follows it if you plan to launch Hope into action.

Hope is attached to an idea which is attached to me. My hope doesn’t go out into the world without me. Once it’s released it will either soar to it’s potential…or not. When it’s time for an idea to leave the nest, I’m there with it- only I’m five years old again. I move to the edge of the cliff called a leap of faith and look down. I move back. I stare out into the unknown and talk to myself. Sometimes I make fun of the five-year-old me for daring to dream in the face of all the previous disappointments. I’m not sure I want to let go of my hope yet. What if it doesn’t work out? I’m afraid of being hopeless.

What I’m saying, is that I feel like I’m taking a chance with this post and I’m scared. What if no one understands how hard this is for me to do? It feels like a last resort. What if no one cares?

owlIn order for me to hit the publish button I will start clicking the Rubik’s cube in my mind looking for the combo that will unlock Faith. I reflect on all of the markers that pointed me this way. I remember all the times before that I was scared and that I made the decision to feel the fear and do it anyway. I’ve done it before and will do it now because I’m still alive.

Right now, I’m standing at the edge of the nest that’s hanging over a cliff, wondering if my hope will reach it’s potential this time. This is my life. I want to fly.

How you can help~

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New From the Inside Out: How to Transform Your Mind and Your Life

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Thank you so much for reading!

Peace & Love,


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Inspired Quotes From Books: The Underlying Cause of Disease

nourishing traditions“The underlying cause of modern chronic disease can be summed up as the change in our environment and food supply due to the unwise application of technology to farming and food production, the abandonment of traditional foodways and above all the insidious penetration of processed and imitation foods into the food supply of western nations.

Oils stripped of precious nutrients and altered in structure, a penny’s worth of grains puffed and flaked and sold for hundreds of pennies per box, fragile, life-giving milk subjected to high-temperature processing, sweet foods denuded of vitamins and minerals ~ this is the witches brew that leads to physical and spiritual degeneration.”

~Nourishing Traditions ~ 

by Sally Fallon

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Closing Out the Year of 2012~Year End Traditions

I’ve noticed many thoughtful reflections of gratitude being posted on Facebook today, the last day of the 2012. Does the end of the year cause you to do a life review of sorts? Do you look ahead for a bit, recenter and begin your year with intention?

healing angel

If these actions are part of your year-end/year-beginning traditions, I have a suggestion for your consideration~ Calling upon Archangel Jeremiel as part of your life review. Jeremiel is gifted in helping you learn and grow from your experiences without being harsh on yourself, as there is nothing “of love” that comes from self-judgment or guilt. He can also help with re-centering and guiding your next course of action.

Tonight as the year closes, I will be focusing on all that I am grateful for. It’s been an amazing year, full of powerful realization. My “thought adjuster,” the divine part of myself that continually corrects my perception, has been large and in charge, consistently expanding my awareness, and routinely correcting errors in perception, both small and large. I’ve had a lot of that type of thing happen in the past, but not to this degree! Frankly, I’m still awed by the magnitude of what’s happened and I hope to write and share about it as my brain allows.

In the meantime, I’m sending out oceans of love to you all. I’m wishing you a new year filled with the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.


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Finding a Higher Meaning in Tragedy~ The Contract of Our Souls

Absolutely everything that happens in this world serves as a catalyst. Big or little events, tragedies and delight, kind words, mean words~ all catalyst. Catalyst provides us with opportunities to see ourselves and who we are. Catalyst gives us something to assign meaning to causing us to then move in one of two directions, toward love or fear.

With each step you take in life you are choosing to move toward love or fear.

What if every catalyst is neutral and our personal perception and reaction to it is what determines the value of it’s occurrence?

Through every happening in our own lives and every occurrence globally, we are affected and begin to process emotions and feelings about the event. It’s in that process that we begin to form a “stance” on the catalyst, our viewpoint. We decide what it means to us personally in our lives. Those decisions determine how we will experience life.

At the onset of “a situation” we typically label it. If we feel uncomfortable or unhappy, in our distress often we name the situation something negative. In that moment of time we can’t find a reason, a purpose, or higher value for what’s just occurred.

When I look back on my life, it helps me immensely when I can see the highest meaning for events in my history. Think back on your own life, have anxiety or painful emotions ever caused you to change course and create a better life?

Is there something you learned? Perhaps you had a physical ailment and learned to let others help you.

Did something that looked bad initially, end up being a good thing? Maybe you lost a job and were unemployed so you could find the job of your dreams.


YOUNG ANGELOur country has recently experienced an enormous catalyst with the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut. If your mind immediately jumped to  “Is she saying this tragedy is a good thing?” I’m not saying that. But I hope you’ll stay with me as I try to take this up to the highest perspective. It’s the only way I know to deal with such sad circumstances. Before I try to bring that into focus, I need to talk about how we got here.

We are in the time of what’s been called The Shift of the Ages. As we usher in the age of peace and love, the lower energies tied to fear have needed to be released from this dimension. Right now especially, there’s pressure building within people as a result of the energy shift.

The transition energy began in the last few years. It caused feelings to make their way to the surface. These were buried emotions that most folks wouldn’t choose to face.

The age/ dimension we are entering is 4D. You know you are in 3D right now, yes? Our dimension is evolving higher and 4D is an experience centered in feeling. Part of being jarred into dealing with difficult feelings also serves to move you out of your head and into your feeling body. Your feelings are not your enemies, they are your guide.

Any wound that has been perceived by us, regardless of its origin, regardless of whether it’s rational or irrational, it’s arrived in your consciousness for reconciliation. Many of us have been quite uncomfortable. People have had to choose to face their feelings and heal (usually by first going inward, resulting in a space opening up for more love) or choose to try and keep a lid on them longer (usually by keeping focus outside of oneself, resulting in festering fear). Those who have refrained from getting in touch with themselves, or tried to do the work at a leisurely pace have found themselves in states of extreme discomfort. We are definitely rolling in the deep.

As Adele sings,

There’s a fire starting in my heart~ Reaching a fever pitch~ And it’s bringing me out the dark

Yes. We are all coming out of the dark. As energy shifts continued, the purging of old gunk has reached a fever pitch, it’s culminated. If it isn’t dealt with in a healthy manner, this energy will find a way to express itself. In other words, angst energy will manifest where it doesn’t belong. A beloved counselor I know says, “It will come out sideways.”

We’ve seen people overwhelmed, overcome with misery, depressed, acting out, hurting others and themselves. Think back over the last few years and you will probably note the highest amount of cancer diagnoses, deaths, suicides, mental issues and addictions among people you know than you’ve ever noticed before. You will find no judgment against our fellow humans in me. I get it. The hardest work we will ever do is trying to discover who we truly are, finding our light and our shadow, and accepting what we find  as perfect. The paradox is that the most fulfilling work we will ever do is discovering who we truly are.

In direct contrast of those who attempted to avoid feelings, many others who got uncomfortable in their own skin made the choice to go inward and woke up to the light of who they really are. The energy worked differently in their lives; the shift catalyst served as motivation to scrub, scrub, scrub on the inside. These folks polished up their hearts into shiny portals of love. Because of the vast amounts of people who braved their internal worlds, this planet continued to hold and grow the love vibration necessary to propel us into a more peaceful era. And we did this while being tested; while things around us appeared to be more and more challenging. Bravo!

In review: In looking at a major catalyst ~the energy shift~ we can see that it has manifested two totally different experiences for our population. The nature of your experience was a result of individual free will~ choice and perception.

Now again, we all recently experienced a huge catalyst. Here you find yourself again, at the free will POINT OF CHOICE AND PERCEPTION. What stance will you take as a result of this catalyst?

 Do you choose LOVE or FEAR?

a soul story on high

 A Soul Story From On High

Imagine that you’re a soul in heaven getting ready to come to this earthly plane. You are in a state of peace and love as you chart your life course. From heaven you cannot yet feel the depth of human emotion. If you’ve been here before you have a soul memory of what its like to feel hurt, sorrow and pain, yet from your heavenly standpoint you know the bottom line~ There’s no such thing as death, there’s only a choice about how to exit this planet.

To enter this realm is to sign up to die; at least what humans perceive to be death. If you’re charting a life contract for the growth of your soul would you consider choosing a death with a huge impact? A lasting meaning?

Once upon a time, up in heaven, there was a soul looking to have a new Earthly experience. This special soul was strong in spirit, adventurous, and knowing that there really is no such thing as death it was willing to humanly die in a way that left a legacy.

The soul met with its guide and an offer was made for the soul to consider~ “If the world continues on the path it’s on, there will likely be a tragedy occurring at a peak time in human evolution. This tragedy will require you to pass away at a young human age, with a group of other young souls, so that unitedly you create an enormous catalyst in the world…

This ripple will go out far and wide. It will cause a nation to experience a lot of feelings and emotions at a crucial time in their individual development. It will provide them the opportunity to really look at themselves. This is a part of a grand mission: The opportunity for growth among those that hear the story of your human death is too vast to measure. All we know for sure is that the timing will create an opportunity for mass evolution.”

The guide continued ~ “This tragic event will cause some people to dim their light, momentarily. Parents nationwide, possibly worldwide, will feel this in their hearts and become very angry. Conversely, there will be heroes who inspire others. There will be remarkable individuals who shine the light. To the shock of many, there will be parents of the children lost who move quickly to forgiveness and model this behavior for a whole country.

Some folks will begin heated debates over gun laws, that may, or may not finally result in the paradigm shift of a nation.

It may cause closed minded individuals who are firmly rooted in their views, to be uprooted and finally open to change in one way or another.

It will cause some to become so angry that they see a part of themselves who could kill… a child murderer. Is there such a thing as righteous killing? Vengeance? (If your anger is such,  I hope you will seek other perspectives.)

There will be parents who draw closer to their own children, awakening to the fact they’ve been caught up in other things that don’t really matter.

There will be those who become more fearful of life, wallowing in anger and bitterness. There will be those who dive straight into compassion and prayer, who will lift the spirits of the children and their parents higher and higher.

There will be those so shaken to their core that they become very quiet and contemplate the meaning of life, asking themselves ~ Who am I? What if I don’t have a lot of time here on Earth? What is my purpose and how can I help others?

There will be those who camp out in front of their TV sets and smear every painful detail offered by the news all over themselves making themselves even more fearful, angry or distressed. There will be those who recognize the need of our country to be uplifted, who will set about uplifting wherever possible.

Be assured that in the days leading up to the mystical date of 12.21.12, a date of focus by humans, in the sadness, there will also be beautiful shining examples of compassion and love as a result of this tragedy. People will come together as a result.”

(A side note: My guess is that my imaginary guide would also say that humans don’t have to learn through pain, they can learn from joy, too. They can come together in joy, too. Joy can also a catalyst.)

The guide concludes with “By the way, we had a similar talk with the souls of your human parents and they are already alive waiting for you.”

After hearing about the potential impact of their life and death the soul was invited to watch a movie that provided imagery of the heart wrenching scene of what would be their death. They had a deep understanding of what their life would mean. Again, not from a human place of feeling, but from the place of peace and love the soul decided to sign up for this life. But why? Why would a soul sign up to leave this earth this way?

Because the soul knows that the manner of death doesn’t matter because it cannot be killed. It cannot die. It’s much easier to be in spirit form than it is to be a human. If a life is short here, the soul returns to spirit form. Knowing that upon death the soul would be engulfed with love, and the truth of their eternal life, made a difficult decision not as difficult.

But here, back on earth, we are the ones with the legacy of this horror. We have upsetting imagery filling our minds. What we don’t see on TV, we can imagine ourselves. We have a nation that’s stunned, a community filled with fear and the energetic residue of mental illness, and a group of parents, family and loved ones who are understandably grief stricken.

To take a very, very high view of this situation is not to diminish what it takes to be human. This is not some “you signed up for this on a soul level” callous view. It’s unimaginable, the grief and pain, felt by those left behind in this realm. That is the hardest work of all; to walk through something of this magnitude and create meaning behind it rather than having it destroy the rest of your existence. It’s exceptionally challenging to deal with the human mind that will replay what happened, that will cover every “what-if” angle, and quite naturally will dwell on whether the one we lost suffered. My heart goes out to all whose minds will be forced to process this pain.

To speak to the question “Did they suffer?” I use these thoughts to comfort myself: I believe the Creator has given us a most compassionate gift~ Shock. The human body comes equipped with shock for a reason. If you’ve ever experienced it personally, than you know that you are flooded with adrenaline, you feel no pain and that the world takes on a surreal quality. In that state, the world is like a movie that you are watching and are slightly detached from. I choose to believe in the case of less than peaceful deaths that shock is triggered in enough time to allow the passing to be without pain. I also believe that some souls exit the body well in advance of impending death because it is imminent and it’s not necessary to experience it.

The children and adults who were lost are okay now, but suffering continues here so more love is needed here. I pray that those who are suffering will find themselves surrounded by people who will not diminish their feelings, not ask them to move through it or give them timelines, not give them suggestions on “what they should do” or “how they should feel, but simply bear witness to their experience, loving them no matter what behavior they express. I also pray that they won’t have cameras shoved in their faces.

I hope we all will hold the families in our prayers with love, (uplifting) not pity (oppressing).

For the rest of you, I also hold you in my prayers with love. When something BIG happens, it creates an energy that is felt the world over. You will likely feel grief and sadness as there is much of it here that will need cleansing. I hope you honor your feelings, take a moment to connect deeply to this precious moment in time and learn whatever you can about yourself and those around you. I’m wishing you…

Peace & Love,


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The Energy of December 2012

the-energy-of-december-2012I talk about energy freely these days, but it wasn’t always that way. I used to hold myself back thinking the mere mention of “the energy of things” was sure to turn people off and cause them to label me a New Age quack.

After years of receiving divine guidance about energy, it no longer matters to me what labels might get put on me. I just know I’m supposed to keep talking about it.

There is simply nowhere that energy is not. It’s your whole world, your body, everything you see and everything you can’t see.

Power companies deal in the same energy I’m speaking of. They’re in the business of harnessing the invisible free energy that’s everywhere and directing it to your house for your private use. Although you can’t see the energy as you access it through a plug-in, the results are very tangible, aren’t they? Tangible results come from directed energy.


The Energy of December 2012

The date of December 21, 2012 is very important, if for no other reason, because of the huge amount of energy that has been directed toward the date itself. Expectation hangs on this date. Something is supposed to happen. Over twenty years ago New Age “movements”  began to project significance onto this time period. Since then, tons of books began to show up predicting a huge spiritual shift.

Some people predicted doom. The Law of One writings called it a time of harvest. It’s been called The Shift, The End of Time and a period that will bring us A New Earth.

I believe it’s the Time of Choice. Your current actions could very well be choosing the direction of the rest of your life RIGHT NOW.

What is The Choice?

Do you want to serve others (Care for Mother Earth, humanity, live in cooperation) or would you prefer to serve your own more personal interests? (Seek personal power, fame, attention, money, health insurance, etc. and turn a blind eye to global community as long as you are taken care of. )

The energy of many years worth of projection and predictions, the labels given to this time period, the energy of anticipation- it now hangs in the ethers, which is the energy field that holds the unseen. It awaits the right time for its entrance into our physical realm.

Our Focus Has Directed Vast Amounts of Energy

Humanity at large has put so much energy toward this date that something will manifest. I have every reason to believe it will be a positive thing. We may manifest a transition phase, a time where most people awaken to the true meaning of life. Can we wish for an overnight transformation? Why not? All things are possible through our Creator.

Years ago, as a result of internal guidance, many people woke up to their life purpose and began doing the work of their soul. They went inward, engaging in the emotional work necessary to become clearer as a messenger. In doing so, they readied themselves to receive and direct energy through their heart center. They began building up love in the ethers. Then, they showed others how to do the same thing.

Some of those people helped large groups of society from very public platforms. Every bit as important were those people who lived their daily lives modeling love and forgiveness for coworkers, children or spouses.

There is no such thing as a small platform in heart center work. Your life is your platform and everyone you encounter is touched by you somehow.


Tangible results come from directed energy. You direct energy with intention and vision. 

From the bottom of my heart I thank our brave trail blazers who walked the path-of-the-heart right onto public platforms. They are the ones who were met with the most skepticism many years ago when they dared to bring their awakened insight to the masses. I honor the unbelievable amount of courage it would have taken to stand in your truth.

I thank our brothers and sisters, all the light workers, energy workers and holistic practitioners, who found the courage to let go of “normal” life and listen to their spirit.

Wasn’t it so strange and yet fascinating when your vocabulary suddenly became full of softer, more loving and spiritual words? As you used your new words, did you fear judgment? Did you face reactions from your family and your friends? Did you overcome your fear of standing out? Of being different? Did you have the interest and support of friends or did you soldier on alone?

Your evolution into The Real You, the bright light that you are was nothing short of amazing. I know that many of you experienced financial challenges as you bravely transitioned from “real world jobs” into “the work of the soul.” But you did it anyway. Because you were born to. Thank goodness for you!

Thank you to the new artists who blasted onto the music scene and offered us positive messages. Thank you to Justin Bieber for showing us that being a lover is much cooler than being a “playa,” and that love wins in the end. Thank you, Lady Gaga for showing us that it’s okay to be true to ourselves and that our wildest creativity is appreciated in this world. Thank you to Taylor Swift for showing us that expressing our feelings will get us somewhere in life and that being a sweet person does pay off.

Thank you to everyone who gently introduced more love into society. Thank you all for holding a vision that the date December 21, 2012 would be a RETURN TO LOVE.

There are millions of people on this earth who have spent many years holding this vision, doing the work it takes to become a better person, and providing service to others. Love has rippled out from you. Your contributions have mattered deeply and your actions have already manifested much Unity. Thank you.

One Love~


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