Fundraiser for Health: Coming Clean About My Life

“Kim, I haven’t seen you for so long…” “Kim, I noticed you don’t post very often on Facebook anymore…” “Kim, I haven’t heard from you in months…” These are the comments I hear most often.  Sometimes I just stop hearing … Continue reading

Healing Trauma: The Return of Lost Memories

I’d always had the inner sense, a Feeling, that during the times in which I’d blanked out memories that something very bad had happened. Rather than accept that feeling to be truth, I shunned the wisdom of my body opting to Think rather than Feel.

I used Thought to minimize Feelings. Since I only have pieces and flashes, maybe I don’t remember it right. It probably wasn’t that bad. This went on for years.

Continue reading

Sacred Encoding: Help is on the way!

This post is Part One of a Three Part series. A couple of years ago I was on a radio show called Successipes to talk about my book Living in the Rear View Mirror. Following me on the same show … Continue reading

Like Oprah Said: Your Energy Matters

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.” In Oprah’s historic last show she spoke to millions of people about energy, much to my delight. Earlier this year my angelic guides told me that they encourage folks … Continue reading

Japan. Libya. Egypt. Chile. Haiti. A Call to Compassion

The angels tell me that what’s going on in the world is a Worldwide Call to Compassion. If you’ve been lacking the compassionate gene until now, world events are tapping at the window of your soul’s awareness. Collectively, our world is … Continue reading

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