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This is a true story?

Last week I ran out of my herbal medicines on the worst day. Many days I don’t leave the house and my loving mother will go pick up meds when I need them. On this day, however, she wasn’t feeling well herself. As I got ready, with every move of my limbs my body screamed at me in fatigue and pain. I get that most people don’t know this level of fatigue. This isn’t “tired” like you partied too much on the weekend, or stayed up too late a few nights in a row, or even just got done moving households. This is the “I’ve been travelling the world nonstop for the last week, sleeping in airports, eating donuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, living on coffee and they can’t find my luggage,” kind of tired. Like crawling through quicksand wearing weights on your arms and legs.

G5400L Gildan Missy Long Sleeve

G5400L Gildan Missy Long Sleeve

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