Lyme Disease: I’m a Warrior But I’m Not at War

It was back in January, right after I first heard THOSE WORDS, “Your symptoms are consistent with Lyme Disease,” that I made my last post. Since then I’ve been trying to process, seek help for and integrate that news. (Plus, … Continue reading

Japan. Libya. Egypt. Chile. Haiti. A Call to Compassion

The angels tell me that what’s going on in the world is a Worldwide Call to Compassion. If you’ve been lacking the compassionate gene until now, world events are tapping at the window of your soul’s awareness. Collectively, our world is … Continue reading

Japan’s Tsunami: Blood Dolphins and Ocean Harmonics

I was talking to my mom this morning about the tsunami when I heard a whisper in my mind. Dolphins. Tsunami. The ocean’s harmonics. The implication of those words settled into me filling me with awe. Could it be….? I … Continue reading

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