We’re All Healers: Working With Intention

 Your Intentions Matter I allow the Divine Creator to fill my body with love and light, and from my heart I send out the healing energy of compassion.   ~Kim Vazquez This intention has been added under the For Your Inspiration tab … Continue reading


Quotes: How to Recognize Genuine Light Workers

To recognize genuine light workers, ponder these simple questions: Do they empower you to heal yourselves or would they have you follow their doctrines and worship at their temples? Do they encourage your self discovery and awareness, directing you inward, … Continue reading

Angel Insight For Those Who Help Others

Do you help others create better lives? A few days ago the angels suggested I prepare a post offering insight, and hopefully some comfort, to the many people of the world experiencing serious challenges in their lives right now. While writing … Continue reading

Feet to the Fire? You Aren’t Alone!

The angels recently suggested I go back and read one of my own blog posts from earlier this year. Turns out I wrote something months ago that I would need to read at this time. I write when divinely inspired… Sometimes, if I’m lucky and all … Continue reading

Angels of Safety and Protection

I started working with a new client, Terri, just a few weeks ago. Last week, as we ended our call I encouraged her to begin asking the angels to be a part of her life and to help her in … Continue reading

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