Angel Insight For Those Who Help Others

Do you help others create better lives? A few days ago the angels suggested I prepareĀ a post offering insight, and hopefully some comfort, to the many people of the world experiencing serious challenges in their lives right now. While writing … Continue reading

Feeling Tired? Rest and Allow Yourself to be Healed.

In my last post, the angels shared about what is going on in the world right now, energetically. We are in a transition phase. The new energies will bring some restoration and healing. They will bring a sense of calm … Continue reading

Feeling Rattled? Stretched? A Message From the Angels 1/11

In my last post, I relayed a message I recently received from the angels. The time has come for many of us to BE STILL. As it came through, I just happened to be on my Facebook page, so I … Continue reading

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