Like Oprah Said: Your Energy Matters

“You are responsible for the energy you bring into this space.” In Oprah’s historic last show she spoke to millions of people about energy, much to my delight. Earlier this year my angelic guides told me that they encourage folks … Continue reading

Suicide as a Solution?

It’s heartbreaking. Although I almost never watch the news, I haven’t been able to escape the stories flooding into mainstream media about the numerous recent accounts of suicides. In just this last week, I’ve heard of three suicides within my … Continue reading

The Energy of 2010- It’s Time to Heal the Tough Stuff

What in the World is Going on Out There? 2010—A year of purging, cleansing, and healing. It’s been a year of golden opportunities, although I wouldn’t blame you if you told me it hasn’t felt that way to you. Let’s … Continue reading

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