Feeling Tired? Rest and Allow Yourself to be Healed.

In my last post, the angels shared about what is going on in the world right now, energetically. We are in a transition phase. The new energies will bring some restoration and healing. They will bring a sense of calm … Continue reading

Feeling Rattled? Stretched? A Message From the Angels 1/11

In my last post, I relayed a message I recently received from the angels. The time has come for many of us to BE STILL. As it came through, I just happened to be on my Facebook page, so I … Continue reading

Affirmations for Life: Joy, Love, Divine Guidance

This affirmation has been added under the For Your Inspiration tab and is part of the series: Feed Your Mind Inspiration. To read about the purpose behind providing quotes and positive affirmations, please visit the For Your Inspiration tab. Your Life is Divine … Continue reading

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