27 Years of Hidden Shame: When Society Blames the Victim

Today’s post is number three is a Three Part Series. Related posts: One: Sacred Encoding: Help is on the Way Two: Healing Trauma: The Return of Lost Memories My life changed years ago when I was awakened to see that … Continue reading

Chaotic Times? Time For Change

Recently, the angels asked me to revisit a post from earlier this year, update it and re-post it. The purpose was to reach the people who feel challenged by life at this time and may be seeking solace. I am one of those … Continue reading

You Choose Who Is In Your Life

It seems so obvious, but for years I haven’t lived as if I had a choice. People chose me and then they stuck. Unless they were obviously nasty people, or made me uncomfortable, they became a part of my life. I didn’t even … Continue reading

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