The Meaning of Finding Coins: The “Signs” in Life

One of the most popular posts on this site is one entitled Is There a Spiritual Message in Finding Coins? The stories shared on this page have something in common: The events around finding coins are unusual enough to make one feel a sense of awe. Many people seem to find comfort in “pennies from heaven.” Others, the questioners of the world, like me, want to know “Why?” Why do I keep finding change in weird places? For those who ask “Why?” my answer is, first, please do not allow anyone else to define what your moments of awe should mean to you. You are the expert on the meaning of your own signs. The same is true of your own gut instinct. If you’re here seeking and really hope I’m going to provide an answer to this mystery, I’m going to give you some generalizations. I hope you’ll also stick around to read today’s story. It’s about “the signs” we get in life. 

If I were to choose a general meaning, I believe that finding coins is communication with the Divine.

Here’s some insight that may help you if you have recently been finding coins under weird circumstances:

Have you been feeling alone? You have just been shown that you are not alone. Your Creator is with you. Your loved ones are with you. Your angels and guides are with you. Have you been running at Mach 10 speed lately? When we move fast, we are in essence spending time outside of our bodies. Finding change in this instance could be a reminder that you are missing the wonder in the world all around you. Consider this might be a nudge from above to get present. Breathe deeply and look around. What do you see? Take a moment to notice the wonder of the world and allow it to lift you up, to lighten your load. Does your thinking tend to be very factual, logical, or dare I say, a little rigid? Some things cannot be explained and that is awesome! When you experience a real sense of wonder you have an opportunity to decide what to do with that wonder. Could there be something more to this life than you originally thought?  Do you think about the Creator energy, the Father/Mother of humankind? Does “the unexplainable” help you to consider that you may be connected to something much greater? The world is so magical! Not so much Harry Potter magical~ Divinely magical. No matter what we try to control, we are reminded  that all things are in the hands of a guiding energy that’s so much more powerful than us. All things are not meant to be categorized and explained. That’s the fun of it all. Fortuna~ The Roman Goddess of Fortune Are you feeling financially insecure? If you find money when you are worried about money, I’d consider it reassurance. I believe this to be direct communication: Your worries have been heard and acknowledged. Once you know that your concerns have been duly noted, consider releasing the fear to the wonder because fear is a blocking energy. Choose faith and allow the Universe to provide. If you’re like me, I like to try and figure out the ways in which the Creator may provide. I look for potential so I can soothe my mind. When I do this, I’m trying to come up with options for God using a human mind. Why would I want to limit the unlimited? Do you have a question on your heart? Have you been praying for an answer? Sometimes it helps to back track to exactly what we were thinking about the moment the change was found. Were you considering an action? When you find change the second time were you considering the same action? Look for repeat patterns. These can be affirmations. This is a little more tricky to sort out, but you will get better at it over time.

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The Meaning of Finding Coins: The “Signs” in Life — 47 Comments

  1. Stumbled on to your writing….I am sure not by coincidence! Been finding pennies throughout my house. Finally decided to google for possible answers. Your writing reminded me of what I already know … God is good…leave it Him, trust Him….He is not finished with me yet. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sandi~ I love how you summed it all up- “God is good…leave it Him, trust Him”. Wishing you Peace & Love~ Kim

  2. I can not believe I found the story or your blog relating to your illness and finding coins. I have a similar story and I am excited to share it, however right now, I am at a community clubhouse, on the computer and it is late, and I am very tired and must go home. Plus I left my reading glasses home. HAHA. So I will be back and can’t wait until I can get back to you. Thank you for your story,

    Debbie Shampaner

  3. To make a long story short, I’ve had financial difficulties for some time and have been working hard to turn things around but it’s like being stuck in neutral. I’ve been affirming abundance and feel gratitude, and I’m determined 2014 will be the year of money for me.

    In 2013 I started finding pennies and I called them ‘lucky pennies’ and ‘pennies from heaven.’ After a bit I really did believe they were signs from the angels but still I thought perhaps I’m just imagining this. But I would challenge the angels to show me, and the pennies started appearing in odd places and it made no sense how they got there.

    One day I found one on the seat of a workout machine at the gym. I laughed. Next day when I came back to the gym I literally said to the heavens, I’m sure lightning can’t strike twice. Halfway through my workout… another penny.

    Today, as I’m struggling and stressed with lack of employment and money for bills, I asked for a sign. I actually demanded a sign, I needed it so badly. At the grocery store I found the shiniest penny I’d ever seen, heads up, staring at me. I picked it up and it’s a 2014! Could the message be any plainer?!

    Tonight as I’m surfing web looking for other peoples’ similar experiences I ran across yours with dimes. And the line you wrote that you feel it’s an affirmation not to worry, that God is covering your finances just really struck me. I felt the exact same thing today finding this penny. Don’t worry. Just keep going and have faith.

    So thanks for your post. And thanks to the angels for guiding me here.

    • Hello Bruce,

      I’m so glad that you found the page and shared your story with us. I love that the page served as an affirmation of the feeling you experienced when you found today’s penny. I’m with you. I believe your message is clear! Things are going to get better. Wishing you peace and love in 2014.

  4. This has been the most extreme last two weeks I have found pennies in the snow car bathroom floor parking lots suntan beds mink coat pocket public bathrooms yes 2 nail salon under the sofa cushions washing machine floor board grocery store Christmas décor gym goodwill shirt pocket etc…. I think they see me first….what does this mean I found 4 today….starting to creep me out///Whats up???

    • Hi Jan~ I wouldn’t be creeped out if this happened to me. It’s phenomena, yes, but it’s lovely. I would pause and evaluate your life right now. Is there something that you are missing as far as not following your intuition? I would get quiet and do a mental run through of my life, looking for feelings of discomfort. Intuition isn’t that hard to find because when you’re missing it, it’s repetitive. So if we did a meditation and I asked you~ What does the internal voice keep telling you that you have a hunch would better your life, but you feel resistant to it? Guidance from intuition betters life, but that doesn’t mean that following intuition is easy by any means. Sometimes we have to leave people, jobs, move, change careers, go back to school at 40, get sober, etc.

      One example in my own life is coffee. I have received every form of guidance under the sun to “check myself before I wreck myself” with coffee. But, I have a condition that makes me tired so, of course, I long for coffee. It’s been very difficult to balance this pull and my resistance to letting go of “just one cup.” Lately I have been learning the true cost involved for someone in my condition to have ANY coffee. It’s clear now, but if I was honest with myself I’d have to say that I’ve known all along that it wasn’t helping me. In other words, my intuition was hounding me.

      I think the help you are receiving from the heaven realm is pretty amazing. Peace & Love to you, Kim

    • Hi Edna! Your answer is easy. It means that your angels are letting you know they’re with you and looking out for you. 🙂
      Peace & Love~ Kim

  5. Kim,

    A while ago I found a coin in each of my trainers 1 heads up 1 tails up, really disturbed me as they were in my cupboard and I knew I had thrown them in there the night before. Not possible any coins could’ve been in there!

    Last night I found 2 coins in my bed 1 heads up 1 tails up, again very disturbed as my house and bedroom door were locked…

    What does this mean?

    • Hi Darren~ Welcome to the site. There’s another page that I think you may find some helpful information on. Check it out here:

      Hopefully you will find it reassuring that I don’t find your experience disturbing, but rather an “invitation to wonder.” We lose our ability to see the wonder around us as we get older, but we used to enjoy the magical and mysterious when we were kids. Things like your story remind me that life is very interesting and that a power greater than ourselves may still communicate with us in harmless, kind of fun ways. This type of stuff happens to me all the time and I totally dig it! Peace & Love~ Kim

  6. Dear Kim,
    I have wanted to share this story for some time. On August 4 last year I lay on my bed feeling sorry for myself and talking to God. I phoned my mother and she encouraged me to go for a ride on my pushbike. I was troubled as I rode and so I prayed. I came across a small seat beside a track and decided I needed a rest. I shuffled my feet and to my amazement a coin could be seen sticking out under a large stone. I was amazed even further when I discovered that the coin had In God We Trust written on it. This itself is amazing but considering that I live in Australia I find it to be a small miracle.

  7. Hi Kim
    I took my dog for a walk coming back home same route we took back home there lay a dime on the sidewalk.I have been finding dimes for a number of years always wondering why dimes appear out of no where.Finally I thought to myself I am going to go-ogle get to the bottom of this here all this time some one is watching over me I felt happy almost in tears that I am not alone.To make story short I had a very rough childhood always struggle in life but some how I always come through thanks to who ever is watching over me I feel very bless now that I know I will start saving all the dimes I find.

  8. Hi, I am not a spiritual type of person, I have been finding changes for a while now. Sometimes quite a few coins in one area. Here recently July 2014, I’ve been founding dimes, one quarter and one Nickel. Not sure what that means I find pennies all the time. I do pray because I believe in a higher power, but just not sure about all the dimes. I had even said ” if I fine one more dime, I am gonna get scared”. went to another room and sure enough I eventually seen one on the floor there. Is there something I need to do, to help myself? I have thought and I can’t think of anything. Any words will help. Thanks for the site very nice

    • Hi Kimberly, I wouldn’t go with the “If I find one more dime, I’m gonna get scared,” thought. I think you are being offered comfort. 🙂 I hope you will accept it. Peace & Love~ Kim

  9. Hi Kimberly,

    I had an experience with a penny and found your site and wanted to share.

    A few weeks ago, I sat inside all day working on resumes and cover letters to find a new job,and before the sun started setting, I decided to venture out of the house to get some fresh air. I walked out of the house and instead of turning right on my normal path down a side street, I continued walking straight to stay in the setting sun. I kept walking and found a sidewalk that went through our plan between the back of houses and a grassy park. What a find! In the whole year I had lived here, I never new this path existed. As I was walking, I was texting on my phone and not really taking in what was around me. But just before I hit the end of the path, I got a message to put my phone in my pocket and just relax and enjoy the rest of my walk phone free, and to pay attention. Just then, I saw a shiny heads up penny on the sidewalk. I bent to pick it up and made a wish that someday I would have a beautiful baby girl. I had just had a miscarriage, so I was sad about my loss and hopeful for what my future holds. As I crouched there on the sidewalk holding this penny in my hands and my wish in my heart, I looked over in the bushes and saw a folded piece of paper with writing on it. Since we live hear a high school, I thought, “Cool! A juicy love letter from one high school kid to another!” I picked up the paper and it had the words “Birth Certificate” written on it. I opened it up, and sure enough, it was the birth certificate of one Helen Marie Nichols, born May 26, 1940 in Ashford, Kentucky. It even has the official raised seal.

    I’m not quite sure what to do with this birth certificate, or what message that is sending me, but I feel that there is a loose end without knowing. I have looked up this Helen Nichols, but can’t find any information.

    Any thoughts on what do to next?

  10. Having an emotional couple of days. Today within a matter of a few hours, I found five heads-up pennies. I hear you God and thanks! It was just what i needed.

  11. About six years ago my life turned completely upside down. My husband of 26 years passed away, my daughter who was 25 at the time was totally destroyed. She was daddy’s little girl, and being an only child and had already lost both of her grandfathers whom she dearly loved, lost her faith. During this devastating time my job was extremely stressful and getting worse each day. Being a type A personality I felt I was losing control over every aspects of my life and realizing if I didn’t make some changes my daughter would end up parentless. I had always to some regard been a spiritual person but over the years had lost it. I realized that I needed to find that again. I started meditating and really listening to what my heart and instincts were telling me. I read anything and everything I could find on spirituality. During the first year it was difficult, when I felt like I couldn’t do anymore, something would happen to change that. I met a wonderful man, quit my stressful job, moved to another state and started all over. I now have my daughter with me and she is doing well. I again being a control freak, lost my way spiritually. We have been wanting to buy our own home and it seemed like each house I would find and voiced that interest, the house would sell within the week. I felt like I should change careers and start work in real estate! This past Monday I was searching the website for my dream home and the first house that came up was it, but before even looking at the price I knew it was way to much for us, but I had to look at the pictures. It is a historic mansion! I finally got up enough nerve to look at the price, it couldn’t believe it. We could afford it, but it needs some major repair. Yet again I began to stress over this house. Should we, shouldn’t we. When I went to work the next day, walking down the hall, I found a quarter, I didn’t think to much about it. The next day, I found 2 Nichols. I thought it a little strange,still not giving it much thought. The following day I found 3 dimes, that’s when I took notice. And that’s when I looked it up and found this site. I truly believe something is trying to tell me to follow this dream of the house. Since then each day I have found silver coins. I am continuing to believe that these signs are there for a reason.

    • Dear Trudy, Please forgive what is an incredible delay in posting and responding to your story. My intention is always to answer everyone personally, but lately, my sole focus has been on personally improving my health. Thank you for sharing here and I’d love to hear an update about what you did. 🙂
      Peace & Love, Kim

  12. I’m not sure when this started but it has been going on for a long while, finding pennies. Recently, it has been from finding pennies to nickels and now dimes. The finds are in the most mysterious places as in totally sealed CD cases that had me running to purchase another exact same to see if another penny fell out as I opened as if in a promotion but it was just that, a mystery on HOW the penny got there and this happens on a daily basis almost. I have asked via internet, what’s the meaning but there is silence. What is the significance of finding a penny daily in the most strangest, mysterious and open places? I feel it is a divine gesture but what’s the message?

  13. I’m a disabled vet, and have hit rock bottom. No money, behind on bills, hardly any food to feed kids, car over 200,000 miles on it and I am at the end of my rope. I had even given up on God. I prayed the other day. No answers for years. I thought God had given up on me. I had a coin in my right shoe/sock this morning. Googled it and HE ANSWERED ME. I can’t stop smiling. I Love you God thank you for answering and not giving up on me.

    • John~ All the best to you. Thank you for sharing here. I love that you were uplifted by finding the coin. That’s the best! Peace & Love~ Kim

  14. I happened upon this website about finding coins, and thought I would share my story. I usually wake up early in the morning to walk my dog. One morning, I walked down to the sidewalk from my front door to take my dog on a walk. I made it about 15 feet down the sidewalk in front of my house, they I saw coins on the sidewalk. I looked closer, and there were three shiny quarters on the sidewalk. But it was their arrangement that struck me as odd. The three quarters were touching each other and arranged in a triangular shape. The arrangement of the coins, and how evenly and neatly they were lying on the ground next to each other seemed virtually impossible for this to happen by accident or randomly.
    My back story is this: my father passed away in May of ’13, and he and I were extremely close. Ever since his passing, I haven’t really been able to move on with my life. Maybe finding the three quarters is his way of trying to tell me he is still around me in this difficult time. BTW, those three quarters are tucked in the pocket of my wallet. I carry them with me everywhere.

  15. Good Morning Kim today is February 11 2015 and my question is 95 % of the time and I mean weekly what ever I am doing I will find a penny and instantly I will always find a dime i can can be doing laundry cleaning the boy’s room, bathroom, kitchen at the grocery store parking lot it does not matter if I find a dime I know the penny will be with in inches away. I feel it is one of my brothers sending me a message but I don’t understand. I have lost 3 of 4 brothers in a 10 year span (2002,2007 & one 2010) so I hold on to the hope hope that it’s them telling me that they are with me. Please let me know your thoughts Please

  16. Hi Kim,
    What wonderful stories! I feel uplifted just reading them. My story is not much different. I find pennies nearly every day. I have found dimes, nickels, quarters as well, but mostly pennies. I have termed them “pennies from heaven” as many others have. Usually I am sad and feeling lonely or stressed. Money is a constant worry. I am an older woman and a single mother of a teenage son who is Autistic/Aspergers. Starting over again after losing my job and my marriage. It has been nearly 4 years and the pressures have not eased. I have no family that can help me and no emotional support. I have become very isolated in my circumstances. So when I started finding pennies about a year and a half ago, I knew it was a sign. I would find a little trail of them when I was walking from my car to my work. I find them randomly as I will sometimes find myself wandering around my yard in a daze. Usually this is in the morning at the beginning of my day. I greet the day by going out on my little patio and just trying to breathe and feel present. I typically wake up with the anxiety I fell asleep with. So finding my morning pennies always seems to give me a little lift. Sometimes it actually will bring tears to my eyes. I know someone is telling me that I am not alone. I know I am receiving a sign. I don’t know what it means or who it is from, but it feels like a gift and I accept it as such. I always say thank you and I always find a smile, even with the tears. I am curious to figure it out, but also am content just to know that someone is out there thinking of me and wanting me to know it. One really odd thing though…the pennies I find in my yard seem to have been buried for years…some of them are so eroded you can barely tell they are pennies…I have not been able to make out dates. The ones that I have been able to see aren’t all that old really. A couple of them from the 70’s…oh wow…I think I just figured out one of them…lol…talk about messages…that was weird. I just realized that I found 2 pennies 1976 and that was the year my first love died. He had told me he would never leave me…lol…I guess he hasn’t. I guess sometimes just talking things through can bring some light to the subject. Or at least it’s a loving thought to hold on to…Thank you!

  17. I am dealing with a very scary and difficult situation.
    I asked God a certain question and the request that if the answer is yes to have me find pennies. I found a penny……but my brain was trying to find a logical reason for it.
    I asked God the same question again…….found a second penny.
    Today I prayed and asked God to one more time show me a penny if the asnwer was yes.
    Also apologizing for being such a doubting individual!,,,!
    Well …….God asnwered me again today. Found a penny at a very unsuspected place.
    God is awsome!

  18. Yes I have be struggling with the worry of money. I fond 4 nickels this morning all in the same little spot. I have been asking God for help for a very long time, with my financial needs. It gets so hard to keep struggling. Finding those nickels this morning, and reading your story, reassured me that God is with me, and has heard my Prayer. I have released the fear and will let him take over. I thank you very much for the information that you shared with me.

  19. hi
    enjoyed reading your story. it made alot of sense. I also find coins for about 2 years …with same question in my mind and worry. I liked your interpretation of it as an affirmation of courage and being on the right path. thanks.

  20. Keep going….keep writing…..there are many out there who to need to hear what you have to say. You have just shown me how to confirm/validate my intuition….as I am learning to practice to learn how to differentiate what the truth is (in every situation in my life right now, as I have come across many people who do not behave in a way that is authentic/true to them themselves. So finding out what the truth is a challenge most of the time!) and how to tell if it is coming form the ego or my heart (intuition/soul). I will put this ‘penny form heaven’ into practice ha ha! Thank you so much! much love light and blessings

    • Dear Leila, It’s nice to hear from you. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to write, but I hold onto hope that it will be easier again someday. I miss it! One of the things that keeps me going through this healing journey is the desire to somehow making a difference in the lives of others. That’s why I’ve left my blog up, in the hopes that those who are supposed to will find their way here. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know you found something helpful here. Yay!

      The part of the journey you are on at this time- discernment, authenticity, learning to recognize and trust intuition, these are game changers. May you be blessed.

      Peace & Love,

  21. Hi Kim,I have seen two shiny 5 cent or pennies and now I’m seeing 10 cents and this happens more especially when I’m going to work and when I’m jogging,and today I have just pick up a 2 rand or dollar coin and few minutes later I picked up a 5 cent coin,so I’m wondering what’s happening,and financially I’m not stable

  22. I’ve been finding dimes for as long as I can remember. My son-in-law who has been battling leukemia was having a blood transfusion recently – with a light blanket in his lap. When he took the blanket away, there was a quarter – face-up on his knee. When
    he stood up, he was sitting on a dime. What meaning, say you? I am without words except to say thqt this was extraordinary.

  23. I have to say, I didn’t believe all this stuff until it happened to me. I didn’t believe that solid material objects could appear from thin air.

    I have a fish pond in my garden. I cover it with nets of evening to protect against predators (usually herons). The nets are attached to wooden battens and are easily lifted off. This morning I went down to the pond as usual to remove the nets. Lying on the first net was a Two Pence coin with the Prince of Wales feathers motif and ‘Ich Dien’ legend face up. I put the coin in my pocket and removed the net. I didn’t see the second coin. It too must have been placed on the other net but I didn’t see it. Instead I heard fall off the net as I lifted it up. This coin was also a Two Pence piece with the feathers on it. What can I say? It was a Divine communication.

  24. Greetings Kim

    I too have been finding coins , pennies, nickles , quarters in the bed with me , years ago I would have pennies and dimes fall down on me in the shower , however it stopped.

    These last 2. Years have been very hard on me, like none other before however I do have strong faith and I talk to my spirit guides/ loved ones who have gone on too the other side a lot more lately .

    Thank you for sharing your blog and I hope that others keep finding this space so they too can add to it.


  25. Recently I have been finding pennies in my home. The first one I found was stuck in the floor board, sticking up sideways. This morning I found several more scattered throughout the house. I recently lost my mother and only sibling, my brother, within less than a year apart. I went through a period of depression. I miss them, including my father. I decided to go back to teaching full time; I felt I needed to get out of the house and to get my mind cleared (I taught for 41 yrs.) and was retired. I have been moving around at warped speed since the job started. I feel I need sometime to get back into a schedule. I have been talking to my family through my heart and mind. Is this some kind of sign? So strange that I am seeing them appear now, about 2 wks. after I started new job.

  26. I find all different coins in odd places, I think maybe it’s my Gram or a Grampa but never thought of it as God giving me a sign.

  27. Well i came across this site after being curious about the relevance of finding coins . About 6 months ago i lost my dearest pet dog called Boo Boo. She was everything you could ask for in a dog and more ! My home is just not the same without her, its so quiet, she was the heart and spirit of my home she really was ! Well about 6 months ago just after she passed away i was so distraught and began asking myself questions like i hope she really has gone to the rainbow bridge and is she well and i hope she is happy etc. etc. so i spoke to Boo and said Boo please send me a a sign that your ok please i need to know and the following day there infront of me on the ground was a filthy penny, i cleaned it off and looked at the date and to my astonishment it was the year she was born 2005,well i felt so much relief and comfort from that penny.The following day i was at work cleaning caravans and i could see one of her favorite walks on the towans overlooking gwithian lighthouse, i stopped in my tracks whilst looking and remembering the great times she had chasing the rabbit smells running up and down the dunes and my eyes started to well up yet again and as i put my head down as not wanting anyone to see me upset there was the most brightly coloured butterfly and a little white feather lying just infront of my feet, as i bent down to have a closer look the butterfly fluttered off and i picked up the feather and i thought to myself this has to be another sign and im sure it was you know and again i felt assured that she was ok. Since then ive found another coin, infact a very rare 50p piece only this morning after asking boo to please send me another sign that you are still ok and the year guess what 2005!

  28. Oh, Kim, this is a beautiful miracle full of more miracles. Here, now in it’s 4th year, your blog post is still giving people hope and peace and a connection with God and their angels. What an amazing gift. Being a huge believer in coins as messages from the Divine and loved ones on the other side, your post and these stories from your readers give me a profound sense of love and peace. Thank you for pushing through and publishing. 🙂

  29. 3 1/2 years later and this post is still doing it’s magic. Thank you 1:11pm to re-affirm this message. Thank you Kim very much for posting this article. It came to me in a time of need and has provided much re-assurance as to the unfolding of the future. Thank you sister for taking the time to put this together. Your contribution to this experience does not go un-noticed. We love you. Thank you!

  30. When I reunited with my first love and left my abusive marriage we both were initially pretty much penniless. Both our ex partners had the marital homes and contents. Both were abusive. Me and my first love met in person once after 16 years and we took a chance on each other. We started again in the cheapest house 100 miles away from our homes. It was very tough but one thing I felt was protected by an unseen force. We also found loose change everywhere in our new home in the most unlikely of places. The strangest thing was starting to find it everywhere we went including under the ex demo toaster we bought in Tesco! In the space of several weeks I also found two ten pound notes on the street! I am sure this was reassurance that we would be ok and indeed we were down to pennies when my divorce settlement came through. We are now in a similar situation where my partner is going through a divorce and we are running low on funds. Yesterday we cleaned the gutters out on the house only to find a pound coin! It just seems beyond the realm of coincidence that this continues to happen so often!

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