The Path With Heart: Interview with Cyrus Webb

The Path With HeartToday’s post is the introduction to a new series called: The Path With Heart. The path I speak of is the one that feeds your spirit, causes you to walk with purpose, and quite naturally ends up helping others. This way of living, or working, creates physical world manifestations that directly benefit others and can be seen. An example would be: Non-profit work, handing food to a hungry person, or the person who opens a “green” business, not only creating jobs, but also helping Mother Earth, etc.

Those who walk The Path With Heart often help others in ways that are unseen. This can be done with or without words; by simply modeling behavior. They are the catalysts that trigger shifts of spirit in those who they come in contact with. An example of this would be: Those who plant mental seeds that later bloom into improved life perspectives, those who provide motivation and inspiration to others, or the artist who creates a painting so heartfelt that others are moved by it.

Despite the rewards, it takes great courage to choose this way of life. My intention with the new series is to highlight and honor the many unique ways that others have found to follow their Path with Heart.

I’m celebrating the launch of the new series with a very special guest: Cyrus A. Webb. Cyrus is the first person ever to interview me as a new author. On his show called Conversations Live, which can be found on Blog Talk radio, Cyrus interviews over a dozen authors a week. His insightful questions to the writers make one thing real clear: He actually reads their books! His intentions also seem clear: He wants to help authors spread the word about their work and he hopes to inspire his listeners to read more. Conversations Live celebrated its 9th year in July as well as his 500th guest this year alone. (Wow.) In addition to his radio show, Cyrus also hosts a large online book club, Conversations Book Club, and even publishes a magazine called Conversations Magazine.

Kim: First of all, Cyrus, thank you for being with us today!

Cyrus: Thanks, Kim, for giving me this chance to share and be your first in this series. It is a real honor.

Kim: After listing your many activities above what immediately jumped out at me is that you are blessed with, and are juggling, a lot of divine inspiration. Plenty of folks get inspired, but many either dismiss inspiration or have difficulty channeling it into a tangible project. When you first began your chosen career, how did you know that you were meant to turn inspiration into action? Was there a feeling you had, or was there an event that occurred?

Cyrus: It was an event and a feeling, Kim. My first time on the air was in Jackson, MS, back in July 2003. I started Conversations radio show with no clear intention of what it was going to be about, or more importantly why it was necessary. It was during that first show that I got a caller—an artist from Biloxi, MS–who was listening to the radio show online. She was calling me to congratulate me on the show, but something inside of me said that her calling in had a larger purpose. I asked her to tell our listeners about herself, and it was at that moment of talking about her accomplishments that I realized my place. None of what I do is supposed to be about ME. It’s about the gift that has been given to me.

Kim: Since beginning your radio show, things have really blossomed. From here, I’d say it looks like you’ve been “Called.” Do you feel like there are aspects of your work that answer your life’s calling? What do you feel your purpose here on Earth is?

Cyrus: I do see my work as a form of a ministry, for sure. It is about being being in touch with the Divine so I can then be the best reflection of Him that He wants me to be. It’s not about preaching to others. It’s about using what you have to impact the lives of others.

Kim: What is your intention with the work you do?

Cyrus: Great question, Kim! With every guest I want to show people what is possible for them in their own lives, even when they are faced with the impossibilities all around them. Through Conversations I’m able to showcase individuals and their causes and what others are doing to make a difference.If I do that every day with every guest, I am totally satisfied.

Kim: To say you read a ton of books would be an understatement. I’m thinking that puts you in a front row seat to notice what’s trending in the world. Have you noticed a change over the years in the subject matter being written about by new authors? What seems to be predominant lately?

Cyrus: You’re right: I do read a lot of books, but you know what- I would read a lot of books even if my work didn’t revolve around them! As for trends, I have noticed that people are becoming more open to expressing themselves and not allowing fear to stop them. There does seem to be a theme of reaching our goals, walking in your truth and being your best self. These are all themes that many people, like me, picked up from the Oprah show, and we are seeing people discussing them through books.  

Kim: How do you feel after a really good interview?

Cyrus: There is definitely a satisfaction that I feel from a conversation that goes well. To me, though, a good interview is one that I felt as though the guest was heard and that the listeners got something they can use. I include myself in that as well. There are many shows that make me smile, because I am picking up nuggets that I can use in my own life. There is no better feeling than that.

 Kim: What is the most rewarding or fulfilling part of your work? Your life?

Cyrus: The most rewarding and fulfilling part of what I do is the feedback that tells me that people not only got something from a show but they are actually seeing a change in themselves and the way they look at themselves. I see the same in my life. Like I said before: my life is made more fulfilled when I know I have been able to help someone else.

Kim: Many times, pursuing the path of our heart calls for us to give up something, be it the acceptance of others, or even a steady income. For me, when I stay true to course I always end up seeing the reason why, but usually that understanding comes in retrospect.  Is there anything you’ve ever felt like you had to give up in order to pursue your chosen work? Looking back now, do you see the reason why? Has that choice made you stronger?

Cyrus: Another great question, Kim. I would say that relationships have suffered along my journey, but I hesitate to even talk about that. I guess that I would say that because of my dedication to what I do and the meaning behind it I have a very small circle of people around me. I used to believe that I “needed” to have that special someone in my life to be complete. Now I know that is not the case. A person can’t complete you. I find completion not in an individual person but in walking the path I am supposed to. Can it be lonely at times? Of course, but it is always worth it.

Kim: When we do work that seeks to uplift others, which yours certainly does, we often find ourselves receiving feedback on the impact of that work. The angels tell me to see that as an affirmation, a confirmation of our path. Has there ever been a time when you received meaningful feedback that struck you as our Creator’s way of letting you know that you are on the right track?

Cyrus: I am from the South, and I was taught that everyone is to be respected and appreciated. I bring this up because whether I am talking to a celebrity, New York Times Bestselling author, or an individual celebrating their first book, I treat everyone the same. I have been fortunate enough to be told on numerous occasions how comfortable I made a guest feel or how I have been able to bring out exactly what they hoped the reader would take away. For me that is definitely validation that I am doing my job as a host, but also as a reader.

Kim:I got this last question from something I read in “O” magazine once. I love it. It’s a pause for self-reflection.  Cyrus, if you could describe your life story using only six words, what would those words be?

Cyrus: A work in progress, always evolving.

 Kim: I absolutely love that answer!!!

Thank you, Cyrus, for sharing your time and inspiration with us! If you’d like to learn more about Cyrus, you can check out his magazine, listen to author interviews, or see what books are recommended in his book club, by clicking the links below:

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Conversations Radio: 

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